Ultrastar NVMe Series

Low Latency and Maximum Throughput for High-Transaction Workloads


Accelerate Access to Critical Data for Data-Intensive Workloads and Applications

Ultrastar NVMe series SSDs perform at the speed of today’s business needs. Enabling faster intelligence & access to critical data, these SSDs meet the growing digital demands of your business applications. Ultrastar DC SN200 delivers extreme performance & ultra-low latency to the top tier of enterprise storage. It takes hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) system throughput to new levels & helps scale on-line transaction processing (OLTP). Our Essential NVMe drives, Ultrastar DC SN640 & DC SN630, offer low latency & higher bandwidth for a seamless transition away from SATA SSDs in mixed-use & read-intensive applications. This high throughput & low latency delivers high performance for deeper insights & faster results for today’s data intensive applications. Ultrastar DC SN340 provides a power efficient cost-optimized solution for very read⁠-⁠intensive applications & warm storage.


Accelerate Access to Critical Data

Maximum Throughput

Up to 1.2M read IOPS to help power through demanding workloads

Low Latency

Predictable throughput for high-transaction workloads

Design Flexibility

Choice of form factors to support range of data centers requirements


  • Up to 1.2M random read IOPS
  • Capacities from 800GB to 30.72TB
  • High-performance PCIe Gen 3 
  • Enterprise Data Durability Features
  • 96-Layer 3D NAND for Ultrastar DC SN640 and Ultrastar DC SN340
  • Options for read-intense and mixed-use workloads
  • Enterprise-class 2M hour MTBF4 reliability rating

Applications and Workload

  • Mission-Critical Database Applications
  • Highest Performance Tier Storage
  • Cloud and Hyperscale Computing
  • Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Boot and Edge
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)
  • Virtualization
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)



Ultrastar 96 Layer NVMe SSDs


Enterprise Solutions Made Better by NVMe

Everywhere data lives, from sensors to mobile devices to the cloud, we’re driving the innovation necessary to stay ahead of new demands. Our breadth of expertise and level of integration gives us an unmatched ability to deliver carefully calibrated solutions for every type and use of data.


Ultrastar NVMe Series
Product Portfolio

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Ultrastar DC SN640

Ultrastar DC SN630

Ultrastar DC SN340

Ultrastar DC SN200


Multiple Form Factors

Allows for flexibility of system configuration. Available in U.2, M.2, and E1.L

High Capacity

Available in capacities from 800GB to 30.72TB per drive

Tunable Endurance

0.8 to 2 DWPD and beyond (up to 50% OP)








NVMe Rev1.3c / PCIe Gen3

Form Factor

U.2 7mm 


0.8 DW/D: 960 / 1920 / 3840 / 7680GB 

2 DW/D: 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 6400GB

Flash Memory Technology


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