Western Digital Affiliate Program

Free to join. No minimum sales requirement. 90-day referral window.

About Our Program

We partner with CreatorIQ to offer the Western Digital Affiliate Program to strategic and high-performing marketing partners. If selected, you can earn commissions for driving sales to our online store.

Why Should I Join?

Free To Join

No fee to apply and no minimum requirement.

Easy To Earn

Earn commission on Western Digital products using the links, assets, and product catalogs that we provide.

Special Promotions

Receive insights about our store’s promotions and deals.


What is an affiliate program?

Through our affiliate program, we will pay you commission rates up to 10% for eligible purchases made by your customers through the links and assets that we provide. Depending on the promotion, you can share these links on your website, blog, social media, email blasts, etc., as outlined in the promotion terms.

What countries can I promote Western Digital products in?

Our North America program includes the United States and Canada. The Europe program includes United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland and many more. You can sign up for the Europe program here.

What products are eligible for commission?

Many of our products listed on our online store are eligible for earning commission. See promotion terms for full details.

Is everyone eligible to join the Western Digital Affiliate Program?

Western Digital welcomes everyone to apply to the program. We do reserve the right to refuse any applicant that does not meet our quality and content standards.

What is the “referral period”?

A referral period is the time between a customer’s last click on your tracking link(s) and the date that the customer completes a purchase. Western Digital will give credit to affiliate partners for eligible transactions for up to 90 days from the click date.