Data Recovery

An Extra Layer of Protection for Your Content

We’ve partnered with Ontrack® to provide protection for routine and extreme data loss scenarios such as drive failure, viruses, and software issues. The plan includes one in-lab data recovery attempt, shipping costs to and from Ontrack, and in most cases, a warranty replacement device1. Make a one-time payment starting at $9.99, with no additional fees. Select one of the qualifying products below to get started.

Benefits of a Data Recovery Plan


Ontrack offers decades of expertise in data recovery with a very high success rate.

Money-Back Guarantee

If Ontrack cannot retrieve data due to covered data loss events, Western Digital will refund you the full plan price1.

Affordable Solution

Without a Data Recovery plan, single drive recoveries under Ontrack’s Standard Service Level can range from ~$1,000 - $2,0002.