Hard Drives (HDDs)

High-capacity, reliable data storage — whether you’re backing up your home computer, expanding your game library, or optimizing your data center.

Why Use HDDs?

Internal HDD capacities up to 28TB1,2,*

Endurance up to 550TB/year3,4,*

Fast read speeds up to 291MB/s5,6,*

Internal, external, and portable HDD form factors

*Applies to select models only.

Learn More About HDDs

HDDs use rotating magnetic disks, known as platters, to store data. These platters spin at high speeds while a movable read/write head hovers just above them. As data is read or written, the head adjusts its position to access the correct part of the disk, interpreting or altering the magnetic patterns on the platter to represent data.

Types of HDDs

Internal Hard Drives

Internal hard drives are installed directly into your computer, making them a fast, reliable way to affordably store large data sets. Try internal hard drives to:

    Expand your game library
    Update your home PC
    Manage NAS and RAID

External Hard Drives

External hard drives connect via Thunderbolt™ and/or USB and use a separate power source for extra performance. Try external hard drives to:

    Store a large library of games
    Handle bigger home backups
    Build RAID storage or NAS

Portable Hard Drives

Portable hard drives are compact, lightweight devices that rely on USB power. Try portable hard drives to:

    Take your game library on the go
    Store large files during work travel
    Power professional workflows in the field

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