Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Flash-based data storage that prioritizes speed, reliability, and energy efficiency — for your home, studio, data center, and more.

Why Use SSDs?

Fast read speeds up to 7300MB/s1,2,*

Capacities up to 4TB3 for select consumer SSDs*


Capacities up to 15.36TB3 for data center SSDs4,*

Internal, portable, and external SSD form factors

*Applies to select models only.

Learn More About SSDs

SSDs don’t rely on spinning disks or mechanical arms. Instead, they’re made up of flash memory cells, grouped together into flash memory chips, with a controller that orchestrates how data is written to and read from these chips.

Types of SSDs

Internal SSDs

Internal SSDs sit close to your CPU and use SATA or PCIe® connections to transfer data at high speeds. Try internal SSDs for:

    PC and PlayStation® gaming
    Fast caching for NAS
    Low-latency data center storage