Get More Out of Your Chromebook

With our “Works With Chromebook” certified storage solutions, you can store more, share more and do more with your Chromebook.

How It Works

We worked with Google to test and certify select accessories and storage solutions to integrate seamlessly with your Chromebook. The products are certified to work with current and future Chromebook devices.

Easy, Add-On Storage for Your Chromebook

A great fit for students and professionals of all levels, Chromebooks are smart and secure computers that stay on-the-go with you. In today’s content driven world, it’s easy to use up data storage space available on your laptop.

From book reports, presentations, to your next viral video, our “Works With Chromebook” certified products make it easy to keep your files in one place. With our SanDisk memory cards or WD portable drives, you can choose how to upgrade your Chromebook’s storage.

“Works With Chromebook” Certified Products

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WD My Passport for Chromebook

Store more and work from anywhere.

The portable WD My Passport for Chromebook lets you easily add extra storage for files, photos, videos and more. Expand your Chromebook’s storage capacity by up to 6TB¹ so you can save, organize and share more of your files.

  • Tested and certified to sync with your Chromebook.
  • Easily add extra storage to save, organize and share your files from anywhere.
  • Designed to travel with you, this portable storage fits in the palm of your hand and comes in four vibrant colors.
  • Ready to use out of the box. Just plug in and go.

SanDisk Ultra microSD Card for Chromebook

Fast memory that’s with you at all times.

Instantly add to your Chromebook’s capacity. The SanDisk Ultra microSD UHS-I memory card gives you up to 256GB² more capacity for an instant upgrade to your Chromebook. And with transfer speeds of up to 120MB/s³ you’ll be able to move your content fast.

  • Tested and certified to sync with your Chromebook.
  • Add up to 256GB² of storage capacity so you can save, organize and share more of your files.
  • Watch videos right from the card with Class 10 for Full HD video playback.
  • Waterproof, temperature proof, X-ray proof, magnet proof and shock proof.

WD Drive for Chromebook

Save and access your content wherever you work.

Get more done with your Chromebook when you pair it with the WD Drive for Chromebook. With its slim design, this certified Works With Chromebook drive complements your everyday, on-the-go lifestyle. Quickly transfer your files with the included SuperSpeed USB-A cable, wherever you go.

Expand your Chromebook’s storage capacity with trusted, portable storage so you can store more.

  • Tested and certified to sync with your Chromebook.
  • Up to 2TB¹ of extra space for files, photos and videos.
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 with Type-A connector (backwards compatible with USB 2.0).

Data Recovery

Help protect the content that matters most with a Data Recovery Plan. Now available with select products for a low, one-time fee.7

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  1. As used for storage capacity, 1TB=one trillion bytes. Actual user capacity may be less depending on operating environment.
  2. 1GB=one billion bytes. Actual user storage less.
  3. Up to 120MB/s read speed, engineered with proprietary technology to reach speeds beyond UHS-I 104MB/s, requires compatible devices capable of reaching such speed. Write speeds lower. Based on internal testing; performance may be lower depending on host device, interface, usage conditions and other factors. 1MB=one million bytes.
  4. A1 performance is 1500 read IOPS, 500 write IOPS. Based on internal testing. Results may vary based on host device, app type and other factors.
  5. Full HD (1920x1080) video support may vary based upon host device, file attributes, and other factors. See:
  6. Card only. See
  7. Limitations apply. See Data Recovery Plan Terms & Conditions.