Internal SSDs

Fast and durable, internal solid state drives (SSDs) can help you quickly access your data, whether you’re working, gaming, or streaming content. 

What is an internal solid state drive? 

Internal SSDs use NAND — a kind of flash memory — to store your data, deliver on speed, and drive performance. When comparing SSDs to HDDs (hard disk drives), you can count on internal SSDs to:   

  • Load faster with less lag  
  • Be lightweight and more efficient  
  • Be durable — resistant to drops and bumps  
  • Run cooler and quieter 

Use an internal SSD for everything from creating and sharing photos to pro-level gaming and multi-tasking. Learn more about choosing between an SSD and HDD

Internal SSDs vs. External SSDs

Wondering what the difference is between internal SSDs vs. external SSDs?

Internal SSDs connect to your computer with a SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) or PCIe® (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) connection.

External SSDs are portable devices that can be plugged into your computer via outside ports. Because they use SATA or PCIe, internal SSDs are faster than external SSDs.  

NVMe vs. SATA 

If you’re shopping for the fastest internal SSD, choose NVMe™ (Non-Volatile Memory Express) vs. SATA. NVMe, which connects to your laptop or desktop PC via the PCIe® interface, can hit speeds as high as 7.5GB per second1. Compare this to SATA, which typically tops out at 500MB per second.   


A communications protocol optimized to handle high bandwidth SATA transfer, with up to 4 lanes per device. Supports up to 1000MB/s per lane with PCIe interface.

NVMe vs SATA diagram


A communications protocol optimized for spinning magnetic disks. Supports up to 600MB/s transfer rate (SATA 6GB/s).


Internal SSDs for PC Gaming

Enhance your competitive gaming experience with a WD_BLACK internal SSD that meets your storage needs and boosts performance even higher. 

Room for everything 

With capacities up to 4TB2, internal SSDs let you store your favorite games while still having room to add the latest releases and newest updates.  

Peak performance 

WD_BLACK internal SSDs deliver on speed so you can boot your system and load titles quickly for responsive gaming.  

Flexible form factor

Compatible with desktop PCs and laptops, a WD_BLACK internal SSD gives you the competitive edge — whether you’re gaming at home or on the go.  

Your backup has arrived

Top-tier internal SSD speeds and capacity are critical to gaming. Enjoy pro-level play with a WD_BLACK SSD.  

WD Blue & WD Green

Internal SSDs for Everyday Computing

Speed up your daily computing — from web browsing and shopping to student projects and casual content creation — with a WD Blue or WD Green internal SSD.  


Your PC, revamped 

Upgrade older computers with a WD Blue or WD Green internal SSD, which can significantly accelerate everyday tasks with reduced lag and load times.  


Power saver

WD Blue and WD Green internal SSDs help keep your PC up and running longer so you can get more done between charges.  


Robust data protection 

Our shock-resistant internal SSDs help protect your data from drops or bumps. And built-in error correction technology provides long-lasting reliability.  

Power to the creators

Choose one of our SATA or NVMe internal SSDs to help you take on day-to-day tasks with ease.