Connected Home iNAND e.MMC Embedded Flash Drives

Embedded Storage Solutions for the Connected Home


Enabling the Best User Experience in the Connected Home

Western Digital storage solutions for the connected home are optimized to deliver smart, high-endurance storage designed for write and read intensive applications found in a wide range of home entertainment and security applications. These include such devices as Set-Top Box (STB), Over-The-Top (OTT), home gateways, voice-controlled assistants, smart TV, security cameras, and more.

The Connected Home e.MMC storage solutions are designed to address application-specific use cases (such as pause live TV) while maintaining the integrity of middleware by utilizing smart partitioning features. Western Digital solutions for the home have been designed to assist our customers (OEMs and service providers) to deliver the best user experience.


Embedded Solutions for the Connected Home

Extreme Temperature

Connected Home e.MMC grade supports high operating temperatures to enable the workloads of traditional set-top boxes as well as emerging OTT fanless designs

Enhanced Features

Unique features such as smart reporting for remote diagnostics help analyze user/application behavior as well as supporting preventive maintenance

High Endurance

Optimized for a wide variety of applications with intensive read and write requirements to ensure the support of continuous 24/7 video recording and streaming


  • High write endurance e.MMC
  • Smart partitioning enables system robustness and product longevity
  • Supports extreme operational temperature range
  • Enhanced reporting for device diagnostics
  • Supports secure field firmware update
  • Capacities 8GB - 256GB4

Applications and Workload

  • Supports Multiple OS: Linux, Android TV, RDK, and more
  • Home Entertainment Applications: smart TVs, OTTs, set-top-boxes
  • Enhanced Video Features: pause live TV, trick play, lite-DVR, ad caching
  • Networking: routers and modems
  • Home Automation: smart speakers, security cameras, IoT, and home gateways / hubs

A Day with Flash: Connected Home in a Connected World


Connected Life


The Connected Home: Smarter, Safer, Automated, Personalized, and Uninterrupted

Expanding connectivity, combined with the growing adoption of compute in home devices, are the key forces driving the global smart home market explosion. Home gateway, set-top boxes, voice-or-AI-assisted devices, IoT devices, and the like are becoming more powerful and intelligent in analyzing, manipulating, managing, and protecting data. New and advanced applications such as video streaming, TV broadcasting, multicast video delivering unicast streams to individual subscribers, are in turn driving storage to be better, smarter, and bigger.



Connected Home Grade



8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB


e.MMC 5.0/5.1

Operating Temperature

-25°C to 95°C

Sequential Write/Read (MB/s)2

Up to 160/300

Terabytes Written (Endurance)3

Up to 320 TBW


Smart Partitioning


Secure Firmware Update


Health Status Monitor

Yes, Enhanced

Ordering Information

(XXX = capacity)


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1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes; the actual user capacity may vary depending upon the configuration


Up to the stated speed. Values derived from internal testing; performance may vary depending upon drive capacity, host device, OS, and application.Based on Smart SLC technology.


Approximation based on internal metrics that quantify how much data can be written to the device during its lifespan, expressed in Terabytes Written (TBW).based 64GB capacity. 


Up to 64GB in Connected Home grade

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