Surveillance iNAND e.MMC & UFS Embedded Flash Drives
from Western Digital



Proven Endurance for Edge Camera and Recorders

The iNAND Embedded Flash Drives (EFDs) focus on delivering the endurance, reliability and performance needed for on-camera local storage in surveillance systems and mDVRs. With the choice of eMMC or UFS interfaces, high capacity or high endurance, extended or regular temperature ranges, the iNAND product family has the right options for your design.

The iNAND devices are designed to function both as a boot and OS device, holding the application stack needed for camera or mDVR operation as well as providing a video recording partition. Using a combination of controller and advanced memory management firmware to create dedicated partitions that can be optimized for the data type and the workload, iNAND provides the most flexible and robust embedded solutions for your surveillance applications.


  • Industrial-Grade Storage Solutions
  • Capacities: e.MMC (8-64GB), UFS (16-256GB)
  • UFSv2.1 interface support (iNAND EU312 Series)
  • e.MMCv5.1 HS400 interface support (iNAND EM122 and EM131 Series)
  • Extended temperature support (-40°C to 85°C and -25°C to 85°C)
  • High Reliability: enhanced MLC and advanced error correction
  • Remote Diagnostic Report
  • Advanced Firmware Memory Management


Applications and Workloads

  • IP Cameras
  • Body Cams
  • Dash Cams
  • mDVR
  • NVRs
  • Drones