Dom Daher

I’m a 44 years old photographer, former journalist, and ski photographer. I’m now passionate about road cycling but all the other topics I’m shooting are part of my life and my lifestyle. If I don’t like it, I don’t shoot it. I’m have been the official photographer for the Freeride World Tour, the big mountain ski and snowboard world tour, for the past fourteenth years. I’m also running a photo studio in Geneva, Switzerland. It is a split between two worlds but always focused on athletes.

I started with analog photography, went through the press crisis, embraced Instagram, and now I am focusing on directing TV documentaries. But I’m still a photographer. I believe that the most important thing is to tell stories, because stories make us dream and cry… and sell products if needed.

I become more and more minimalist in my work, however, I still haven’t reached the point I’d like to be at. It’s a long process and sometimes it’s important to adhere to your clients’ needs instead of your ideal vision - sometimes.

When I did my first big assignment, just after I switched to digital,

I lost all my data and hence my client. How can you spend 8,000 euros on a camera

and don’t add a couple of Euros to have a proper and safe memory card?

Since then I only work with the best product. memorycard-wise it’s SanDisk - no discussion.


Dom Daher

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Behind the Scenes with Dom Daher

I’m specialized in love. I mean sports I love. But I don’t like to call it “sport” because I’m not concerned with stick and ball sports, and the sports I’m covering are more linked to a lifestyle than a result. When I was in my twenties, I started a mountain bike magazine dedicated to freeride and big jump, but overall it was a manifest against road cycling and shaved legs… look where we are now, I’m hurrying to answer these questions to jump on my road bike!

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