Speed & Redundancy

RAID Solutions to Maximize Speed and Data Redundancy

With RAID types like RAID 5, RAID 61, and RAID 10, your storage array can blend power, speed, and fault tolerance depending on your specific requirements. Help ensure your critical data is protected without sacrificing performance.

These RAID configurations are among the most popular for professionals — or for anyone considering multi-bay performance storage devices that blend great performance with a decreased risk of total data loss.

Similar to RAID 0, these configurations deliver more performance using a larger array. While RAID 5 provides greater speed with single-disk fault tolerance, RAID 6 is a little slower with dual-disk fault tolerance. RAID 10 is very fast because it doesn't have parity to write, and it can potentially provide higher fault tolerance for half of your disks. However, it's less efficient overall due to taking up half of your usable capacity.


Configure a RAID storage solution that meets your specific usage and needs.


These RAID solutions can handle the rigors of professional workflows and large volumes of data in any context.


You don’t have to sacrifice performance to protect your data – these solutions give you both.