Jonathan and Angela Scott

Jonathan and Angela Scott are multi award-winning wildlife photographers and conservationists based in Kenya. They are the only couple to have won, individually, the overall award in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award. They write, illustrate, teach and are TV presenters, most famously known for the ‘Big Cat Diary’ series for BBC/Animal Planet television.They have written and illustrated 35 books including titles for the award-winningCollins Big Cat educational series and their best-sellingSafariGuides to East African Animals and Birds are as popular as ever. Their most recent book Sacred Nature: Life's Eternal Dance (HPH) won Gold in the Independent Publishers Awards, 2017. They are founders of the Sacred Nature Initiative (SNI) and currently working on a new book entitled Sacred Nature: Reconnecting People to Our Planet to be published in 2021. You can find out more about theSNI and their Fine Art Prints here:

Jonathan and Angela are the presenters (with Jackson Ole Looseyia) of a new TV series called Big Cat Tales that is available on Animal Planet and from iTunes or Amazon Prime. They are much sought after speakers on the international lecture circuit sharing their work as Conservation Photographers with a worldwide following. They are Patrons or Ambassadors for the Rhino Ark, Cheetah Conservation Fund, Colobus Conservation, Mara Predator Conservation Programme, ADCAM Mara, SwarovskiOptik, and Canon Ambassadors Europe.

Jonathan grew up on a farm in Sussex, England, travelling overland from London to South Africa in 1974. His first love has always been wildlife -and Angela. Angela was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and spent her childhood in Tanzania. They met in the late 1980s, married two years later in the Maasai Mara National Reserve where they have a stonecottage at Governor's Camp. They have a son and daughter.

Jonathan and Angela host nature and photography workshops to destinations around the world including Africa, India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, South America and Antarctica.

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Jonathan and Angela Scott

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We love the work of Vincent Munier for its artistry. Vincent immerses himself completely in the outdoors. He loves snow and ice and creates sublime images that are always different, embodying artistic flair with a minimalistic approach. Angela loves black and white photography and our two books Sacred Nature: Life’s Eternal Dance (HPH, 2016) and Sacred Nature 2: Reconnecting People to Our Planet (HPH, 2021) showcase some of her stunning black and white images.

Photography is all about planning. That is the best way to step up. You have to be disciplined, something Angela is very good at. There is no excuse for being unprepared. The internet is full of detailed advice on destinations and the changing seasons,the best places to see particular species.