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How to Register for Tax-Exempt Status

  • If you have already created an account, skip Step 1.
  • Step 1: Create a “Business” or “Reseller” account on the Western Digital Store ( and provide your “Business Name” during registration.
  • Step 2: Please fill out all data on your tax-exempt document. Make sure all required fields, dates, and signatures are completed in any documents you submit to us. Any missing information will result in 2-3 extra business processing days. Commonly missed below, please be exact:
    • Seller/Vendor Name: Western Digital Technologies, Inc
    • Address: 3355 Michelson Drive Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92612
    • Engaged in Type of Business
    • Signature and Date Signed
  • Step 3: Create an email and add below:
    • Subject Line: Tax-Exempt "Business Name".
    • Email Body: Business email used, any orders needing reimbursement.
    • Attach a .pdf version of your tax-exempt or resale certificate. For customers with shipments to multiple states, documents will be required for each state shipped to.
    • With the email address used during registration, send your request to
  • Step 4: Please allow 5-7 business days for verification.
  • Step 5: Once verified, you will receive an email from us informing you of tax-exemption approval.
  • Step 6: Log into your account prior to making purchases to ensure your tax-exemption is triggered at checkout.