Portable Drives

Portable drives are a flexible, USB-powered way to back up content, add storage, and take your data wherever you need it — at home, at work, or on vacation — all on the go.

Portable HDD vs. Portable SSD 

Portable hard disk drives (HDD) use magnetic disk-based storage while portable solid state drives (SSDs) use flash-based storage. 

Both types feature flexibility and mobility but also offer specific advantages. Portable hard drives typically offer higher capacities and a lower cost per TB, while SSDs are among the fastest portable drives.

Unlike our external drives, which rely on a separate power source, portable HDDs and SSDs are both BUS-powered through their USB connection.

PC compatible vs. Mac compatible

Since portable hard drives and SSDs connect via common ports like USB, many are compatible with Windows® and macOS.

Formatting may be required, though some drives simplify the process. Users who want a seamless experience can opt for turnkey options for Windows and for macOS. There are also portable hard drives optimized to work with ChromebookTM. 

How much storage do I need? 

Storage needs vary based on purpose and usage. 1TB1 of portable storage may be plenty for occasional backing up on-the-go or at-home use, whereas professional photographers or serious gamers may need 2, 4, or 5TB of space.

When purchasing a portable hard drive or SSD, it’s a good idea to consider future needs: if you think you’ll eventually need more space, it may be worth investing in extra capacity. 

My Passport, WD Elements, and WD Drive

Portable Drives for Everyday Storage 

Get a portable hard drive or SSD you can rely on for everyday use, whether you’re storing photos and videos, backing up important documents, or moving media between devices.

Plug-and-play drives

Choose from portable drives that are ready for the most popular devices — including Windows PCs, Mac computers, and Chromebooks — and that are compatible with USB-C™ and USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB 3.2 Gen 1.

Sleek style

Hit peak productivity in style with eye-catching drives, such as the sleek, slim My Passport HDD and My Passport SSD.

Scalable storage

Power through work with up to 5TB portable hard drives or up to 4TB portable SSDs, so you have plenty of storage when and where you need it.1

Easy storage, easy access

Find storage for everyday needs, from saving family photos and vacation videos to organizing important personal files. 


Portable Drives for Professional Use

Photographers, videographers, and other creative professionals turn to G-DRIVE portable SSDs and HDDs to optimize and accelerate their demanding workflows.

Pro performance

Ample storage space with portable HDDs up to 5TB or uncompromising performance with portable SSD transfer speeds as high as 2800MB/s.2


Ready-to-go portable drives that can withstand extreme exposure to water, dust, rain, and up to three-meter drops3 — a pro’s dream come true.

Effortless security

Lock down valuable files with SanDisk Professional data protection to help keep unauthorized users out of your content.

Push your limits

Limitless creativity calls for enhanced performance and reliability with G-DRIVE SSDs and HDDs. 

SanDisk Extreme

Portable Drives for Outdoor Adventure 

Get top-notch performance and durability with ruggedized SanDisk portable SSDs, purpose-built for whatever the great outdoors has in store. 

Phenomenal speed

SanDisk portable solid state drives pack up to 2000MB/s read/write speeds — all in a light, dependable package that’s ideal for every adventure. 

Rugged design

With up to two-meter drop protection and IP55-rated water and dust resistance4, SanDisk portable drives are tough enough to take on your favorite outdoor activities. 

Trusted by pros

Professional photographers rely on SanDisk portable SSDs to rapidly edit, save, and move large files — even when they’re far away from the studio.

Rugged, ready, reliable

Bring high-performance storage to high altitudes and other demanding environments with SanDisk. 


Portable Drives for PC Gaming & Consoles 

Get the competitive edge with WD_BLACK portable hard drives and SSDs, designed to boost your competitive gaming experience — wherever it takes you. 

Amped performance

With faster startup, rapid responsiveness, and broad compatibility, WD_BLACK portable drives take gaming to the next level across your favorite platforms.

No-compromise storage

Forget about trading capacity for size — WD_BLACK delivers premium portable storage in a variety of impressive options up to 5TB. 

Max mobility

Never leave your games behind again with WD_BLACK portable drives that make your library of titles as mobile as you are.