Stay Connected with USB Type-C™ Storage

The next generation of storage solutions have arrived.

Reliable Storage from Camera to Cloud

Whether you need storage for your smartphones, laptop or other compatible USB Type-C devices, we’ve got the solution. Built with multi-connect port functionality, these products were designed to keep up with you as you upgrade to newer devices. Now it’s easier than ever to store and share content from any device.


Create more content. Take less time.

High volume data transfers does not have to mean long wait times. With USB Type-C technology, you can expect high-connectivity and speed, regardless of the interface. No need to deal with extra adaptors and cables. Plus, all the storage you need in one place. Spend less time waiting and more time doing everything else.


Easily share your world with these devices.

Thanks to technology, we can hold what matters most right in the palm of our hands. Save more time for capturing, storing, and sharing your best moments. Easily free up space on your smartphone or quickly transfer files between devices with these small, but mighty solutions.


Small Size. Big Impact.

Our compact and portable Solid State Drive (SSD) USB Type-C solutions deliver powerful performance. No matter if you’re using a portable drive on-the-go or keeping your digital life safe from the comfort of home, you can depend on these drives to keep up with your best ideas.