Ultrastar DC ME200 Memory Extension Drive

Scale In-Memory Computing Infrastructure at a Better Total Cost of Ownership


Better TCO for In-Memory Computing Infrastructure with Ultrastar Memory Drive

In-memory computing is used for real-time data processing, application caching, large-scale databases, and acceleration for the data-driven economy. Cloud service providers and IT administrators faced mounting CAPEX and OPEX overhead when deploying in-memory architectures to achieve scalable hardware configurations. To help reduce CAPEX and OPEX for in-memory infrastructure, Ultrastar memory drive increases application memory by creating virtualized memory pools. Ultrastar memory drive scales up to 24TiB in a 1U server for use as virtualized memory without significant loss in application performance. The solution is transparent, requiring no changes to the existing operating systems or applications for near-DRAM performance.


Scale In-Memory Computing


Scale DRAM Pools with no modifications to OS or applications


Data Center class for critical applications

High Performance

Near-DRAM performance


  • Ideal for RedisTM and Memcached
  • No need to modify application stacks or Linux
  • Ability to scale to large memory pool sizes
  • Reduce node count by consolidating with Ultrastar DC ME200
  • NVMeTM U.2 or AIC HH-HL form factors

Applications and Workloads

  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Web-scale caching
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Genomics
  • Cloud Services
  • Hosting Providers
  • Telcos
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • IoT Time Series Analysis

Memory Expansion – Ultrastar DC ME200 Memory Drives



U.2 2.5-Inch Drive

HH-HL Add-in Card



NVMe 1.2 PCIe Gen3

Form Factor

U.2, 15mm

Software-Defined Memory Capacity1

1024 GiB, 2048 GiB, 4096 GiB

Memory Storage Type

Volatile, non-persistent

Included Software

Memory Technology (MET)

Recommended Expansion2

Scale system memory up to 8x DRAM:

- Up to 24TiB in 2P servers (1U)

- Up to 48TiB in 4P servers (2U)

- Up to 96TiB in 8P servers (4U)


Endurance (PBW)3

1 TiB model: 19.1

2 TiB model: 38.2

4 TiB model: 78

Limited Warranty4

5 Years


Requirement (DC, +/- 5%)

3.3V (aux) & 12V

Operating Power (W, typical)


Operating Power (W, idle)


Physical Size

z-height (mm)


Dimensions (width x depth, mm)

100.45 x 69.85


Operating Temperature

0° to 70°C (Ambient)

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Memory capacity is indicated by GiB and TiB and based on binary values such that one gibibyte (GiB) is equal to 230 bytes and one tebibyte (TiB) is equal to 1024 GiB (240) bytes. Storage capacity and endurance is indicated by TB and PB where one PB equals is 1015 bytes. Accessible capacity can vary from stated capacity due to software, formatting, and other factors.


Suggested expansion of 8x DRAM based on internal performance testing across a variety of industry standard benchmarks.


Endurance rating based on 4KiB random write workload.


The warranty for the product will expire on the earlier of (i) the date when the flash media has reached one percent (1%) of its remaining life or (ii) the expiration of the time period associated with the product.




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