Comprehensive Data Protection
For All Workloads From
Western Digital and Veeam



Western Digital and Veeam work together to help businesses achieve comprehensive data protection for workloads including virtual, physical and cloud. Western Digital’s broad portfolio of storage solutions give you the freedom to find the right combination of capacity, performance, and cost to meet your Veeam data storage management needs.


Ultrastar Hybrid Storage Server as a Veeam Ready Repository:
As primary backup repository for Veeam, it’s ideal for customers who want to build it themselves or expand existing infrastructure at a lower cost

ActiveScale as a Secondary Backup Repository:
Veeam Cloud Tier leverages ActiveScale as a cost-effective on-premises or hybrid cloud tier by automatically offloading older backup files from the primary backup repository to ActiveScale

Veeam workflow diagram

WDC + Veeam Solution Resources

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