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The digital universe continues to expand exponentially & so does its potential. We have a complete portfolio of storage platforms & servers designed to thrive under the most demanding performance and capacity needs. Below is a subset of our local channel partners with the expertise to create a custom solution based on your business needs.

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Not all Storage Platforms are created equal.

The Ultrastar® Data60, Data 102 JBODs and Serv60+8 storage server all support the innovative technologies of ArcticFlow™ and IsoVibe™ that have been shown to reduce drive returns by 62% which can result in lower operating costs, improved performance and reduced power.

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OpenFlex NVMe-over-Fabric Architecture Technology Brief

OpenFlex composable IT infrastructure brings the benefits of Composable Infrastructure to data centers using standards-based elements with built-in composability. It leverages a common Application Programming Interface (API) for orchestrating any and all fabric-attached elements.


Innovative Design for Storage Enclosures Technology Brief

Data center infrastructure is evolving at a rapid pace, the constant growth in the need to store, manage and manipulate more data is driving data center capacity. The most efficient data centers are focusing on increased density as a way to manage this growth and still contain costs.


New Approach to Storage Server Cooling Can Save You Costs

Cooling is critical to data center design, operational cost and hardware reliability. What if there was a way to improve storage enclosure and storage server cooling, to reduce the energy consumption and to reduce all that noise!


OpenFlex™ NVMe-oF™ Selected as a Product of the Year

TechTarget Editors Designate OpenFlex F3100 Series Fabric Device as “Most Composable,” Lone NVMe-oF Product of the Year Award Winner takes silver in HCI and Composable Infrastructures Category. OpenFlex further validates our innovation and efforts to enable open, next-generation IT infrastructures.

ESG Global Discuss NVMe-over-Fabrics and Composable Infrastructure