Pier 27

San Francisco, CA

April 02 - April 03

Booth #19



Join the Redis Community at the Largest Gathering for the World’s Fastest Database.

  • Need to scale Redis with more memory?
  • How to leverage memory drive technology to scale memory configurations using fewer nodes?
  • Need to run microservices, conduct Redis backups, and deploy multi-cloud architectures?

Western Digital – Booth #19 – at RedisConf19 will exhibit its Ultrastar memory extension for Redis. Ultrastar® DC ME200 Memory Extension Drive is a scalable solution to grow Redis data sets for larger memory pools at a better TCO.

Learn how Ultrastar memory drive allows scalable Redis memory configurations at a better TCO with the benchmark details here

Ultrastar NVMe SSDs and capacity-optimized HDDs are ideal for the performance requirements of running containers, Redis data management, e.g., backups & multi-cloud architectures, and HDDs for Hadoop used with Redis as a frontend.

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Go to, click Register and enter this code:  WesternDigital-Sponsor-Training 
Or go directly to this link:

Ultrastar® DC ME200 Memory Extension Drive

Memory Expansion | Ultrastar DC ME200 Memory Drives

Ultrastar® DC ME200 Memory Extension Drive expands system memory at a better TCO for real-time analytics, Redis, Memcached, IMDG (in-memory data grid), large databases, NoSQL, Kafka event streaming, containers, and other time-sensitive + in-memory applications

Ultrastar® DC ME200 Memory Extension Drive PoC Kit

Purchase the Ultrastar memory drive POC kit to validate that your data sets and application stacks will benefit from memory expansion

  • (2) Ultrastar memory drives - U.2 NVMe™ SSD interface, 1TiB size
  • Discounted MSRP price of $5,000 Proof of Concept Kit
  • Includes expert consultation session to get Ultrastar memory drive PoC up and running
  • Accessible capacity may vary due to operating environment
  • Product may not be available in all countrie

Ultrastar NVMe Series


Ultrastar HDDs