Innovation at Western Digital: The Data Revolution Begins Here

Innovation has always fueled and nurtured growth at Western Digital. It is as important now, as any time in our history. From advanced data centers to mobile devices, artificial intelligence to IoT, revolutionary data analysis to tomorrow’s brightest technology, data is transforming our lives and helping us to thrive.

We want to enable our customers to maximize the value of their data. The existing general-purpose processors are not optimized for this task. A better approach is to use special purpose processing to unlock the insights from data. RISC-V provides us a new path to create purpose built solutions for current and future workloads.


Martin Fink

Chief Technology Officer

The CTO Office has the responsibility to look beyond the current state of technology to identify opportunities for Western Digital. Internal and external teams investigate technology areas aligned to our objectives to generate value from data and be stewards of its future potential.


Technology Focus

Learn about some of the ongoing investigation topics within the CTO Office by clicking the tiles below, these investigations support storage of data, gaining insights and generating value from data.

Memory Centric Compute


Persistent Memory
Programming Models

Machine Learning/
Artificial Intelligence

Zoned Storage


Game Changer Series

The Future of Data Infrastructure

At Flash Memory Summit 2018, Western Digital unveiled its new OpenFlex™ architecture and product family, as well as a comprehensive set of open standards to address the complex and dynamic data workload demands of high-scale private and public cloud data centers.


History of Innovation

From mapping the human genome to journeying to the edges of the galaxy, humanity’s desire to innovate never sleeps. Explore how discovery and data have helped shape today’s world.