A Culture of Trust and Transparency

It isn’t just about being an industry leader, having brilliant employees, or generation-altering innovation. It’s about doing business the right way, every day. It’s about consciously working with the understanding of our social and environmental impact. It’s why we wholeheartedly commit to positive corporate citizenship in all aspects of our business. We are Western Digital and we care.

Sustained Commitment: Sustainability Update 2021

We believe embracing transparency with our customers, partners and peers is critical to maintaining a sustainable business, and is a reflection of our sincere commitment to architecting a better future.

Our Environment

We reduce the amount of energy and carbon in our operations through our various programs. Since 2007, $39 million worth of energy consumption has been saved while scaling our effective momentum by tracking metrics that impact our operations and communities.

Our People

As a global company with over 60,000 employees, our talent pool is our most valuable asset. We achieve the best business outcomes by providing a safe, respectful, and progressive environment to all of our diverse and talented employees. We impact, together.

Our Supply Chain

Our supply chain approach is simple. We work with our partners towards a common goal of transparency and accountability to ensure a more responsible and resilient supply chain. We arm our suppliers with the skills and resources they need to strive for success.

Featured Downloads

Download our sustainability documents to learn about our environmental, social, and governance data.