A Culture of Trust and Transparency

It isn’t just about being an industry leader, having brilliant employees, or generation-altering innovation. It’s about doing business the right way, every day. It’s about consciously working with the understanding of our social and environmental impact. It’s why we wholeheartedly commit to positive corporate citizenship in all aspects of our business. We are Western Digital and we care.


2020 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

We wholeheartedly believe the importance of transparency with our customers, partners and peers. It’s the reason we proudly share our progress surrounding fair business practices, sustainable and responsible product lifecycle practices, and energy efficiency and renewability, all while protecting the rights of our employees across the globe.


Committed to Integrity

Your data matters – and it matters most to us. That is why we innovate and manufacture adhering to strict ethical business practices. To create the lasting impact we’ve had in the industry, it’s taken tens-of-thousands of talented employees working under our responsible leadership and stringent code of conduct. With 100% of our employees passing the ethics and compliance training each year, it’s no surprise how committed we are to integrity and ethics.


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Need to Recycle your Drives?

In just a few easy steps, discard your old hard drives safely and sustainably. At no cost to you, your drive will be shredded and the materials will be recycled. It’s safe, it’s green, it’s free.


Although our work continues every day, we are proud to have earned the below.


Western Digital by the Numbers

970 million kWh saved in 2018 through Western Digital’s power-saving innovations

30% decrease in electricity consumed per petabyte of storage manufactured since 2016

30% & 16% decrease in GHG emissions for HDDs and SSDs respectively from 2016 to 2018

100% of our operations assessed for risks related to corruption    

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