A Culture of Trust and Transparency

We wholeheartedly commit to positive corporate citizenship in all aspects of our business. We are Western Digital and we care.


Western Digital Commits to Set Science-Based Targets

Western Digital recognizes the increasing urgency for a collaborative and united effort to combat climate change and protect our environment, and we intend to do our part. Today, we are excited to announce Western Digital’s commitment to set Science-Based Targets, consistent with the Paris Agreement. Our expected targets are aligned with the ambitious goal to limit global warming to 1.5° C above pre-industrial levels, and we are engaging with the Science-Based Target Initiative now to validate those targets. We look forward to announcing the specifics of our targets soon, once they are approved by SBTi. In the meantime, we are wasting no time and are already accelerating our investments in meaningful emissions reductions.

Western Digital is in this for the long game. We hope you will join us.


Environmental sustainability is critical to our long-term success, both as a company and as a species.

We actively monitor and minimize our environmental impacts so we can protect the world in which we all live.


People are the lifeblood of our company.

From human rights to health and safety to supply chain management, we listen to the people around us and strive to improve lives and livelihoods.


As a global leader in manufacturing, our supply chain is both significant and substantial.

We work closely with our suppliers to help them follow the same high standards we have for our own operations.


Doing business the right way is deeply ingrained in our culture.

We foster an environment of ethical behavior through policies and practices that has led to public recognition for our strong commitment to integrity.


Our philanthropic programs aim to make a significant impact.

At Western Digital, we care! Giving back and responding to the needs of our communities is a priority of the company and we believe that more can be achieved when we do it together!


Maintaining the integrity of our privacy and security practices is essential to our commitment to users.

We provide products and services that store and transfer data with the understanding that protecting data is critical to our users.