Doing Our Part

Western Digital is committed to sound corporate sustainability in all aspects of our business. We are excited about the future and what it holds for our company. As our business grows, so does our opportunity to have an even greater impact on the world around us.


2018 Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report

We wholeheartedly believe the importance of transparency with our customers, partners and peers. It’s the reason we proudly share our progress surrounding fair business practices, sustainable and responsible product lifecycle practices, and energy efficiency and renewability, all while protecting the rights of our employees across the globe.


Western Digital’s Greatest Asset

Western Digital is focused on creating a culture in which its employees can thrive. We believe that attracting a talented and diverse workforce is one of the keys to our success. We strive to create for our employees an environment that offers professional and intellectual challenges, encourages innovation and creativity, and rewards success and effective teamwork. We strongly believe that a culture that allows employees to focus on doing their best work leads to high quality and innovative products, exceptional customer service and operational excellence.


This Planet is All We Have. We Commit to Protecting it.

Corporate sustainability is our charge to grow the business in a way that leaves the world better than we found it. That fundamental idea runs through everything we do. We believe that no single company, NGO or nation can solve the sustainability challenges we collectively face. Building a better world demands that we work together and combine expertise, networks, influence, and passion toward meaningful solutions.


The world is changing at lightning speed. Technology is fundamentally shifting everything, including the way we communicate and the way we interact with one another. For us to grow responsibly in this new world, we must clearly understand the trends, passions, and expectations of the people we serve—and take action to meet them where they are.