Ultrastar Platforms
Innovations Reduce Drive Field Returns by 62%*

The engineering innovations in our storage platforms deliver real-world benefits. Better cooling, lower fan speed, less noise, reduced power consumption, lower utility bills. All while improving operational efficiency.


IsoVibeTM Vibration Isolation Technology

Precise cuts in the baseboard provide a suspension for the drives in the chassis, isolating them from transmitted vibration. The result is that consistent performance is maintained, even when all the drives are working hard.


ArcticFlowTM Thermal Zone Cooling Technology

By introducing cool air into the center of the chassis, drives operate at lower and more consistent temperatures than conventional systems. This results in lower fan speeds, reduced vibration, lower power consumption, quieter operation and ultimately higher reliability.

Learn how these innovations reduce drive field returns by 62%*


High density and the flexibility to balance performance with cost


Extreme density with the flexibility to balance performance with cost


Hybrid storage server for Big Data and Software-Defined Storage


The Hidden Cost of IT Is Weighing Down Digital Business

Learn how to reduce costs by rethinking the way you deploy hardware in the Digital Era.


How a New Approach to Storage Server Cooling Can Save You Costs

It’s the life sign of the data center. You hear it as soon as you walk in. The (extremely loud) sound of the fans and cooling air being sucked into and blown out of the equipment.


Your Data Infrastructure Deserves Better Storage Enclosures

The storage enclosures housing your data may determine how much drive vibration interferes with application performance.


Top 3 Reasons to Pay Closer Attention to Storage Enclosures

When it comes to the human body, your internal organs keep you alive; however, without the skin, the internal organs would face numerous external risks.

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Cost-Effectively Expand Your Veaam Backup Repository with Western Digital UltraStar Hybrid Storage Platform

* Based on observed drive return data, does not change product specifications and does not constitute a warranty

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