No Blind Spots

No Blind Spots Portfolio Products

A broad portfolio of storage solutions for smart video surveillance

We see what’s next. Smart security is advancing faster than ever. Be ready with our thoughtfully calibrated storage solutions that meet your customers’ needs—raw video to AI, endpoint to cloud. Designed for smart video, our products deliver reliability and longevity, support multi-streams and offer scalable capacities and built-in analytics.

Endpoint Solutions

Optimized for 24/7 video surveillance cameras, these solutions feature high endurance and withstand extreme operating temperatures from -25˚C to 85˚C.

Surveillance SD™ Cards

These durable and environmentally tolerant high-capacity SD cards are perfect for use in transportation, security and surveillance.

WD Purple microSD™ Cards

Made for mainstream and advanced security cameras, these cards are designed for high-endurance activities and offer capacity options for recording flexibility.

Surveillance iNAND e.MMC & UFS EFD

Extreme endurance (up to 768 TBW) and dynamic partitioning deliver long-lasting, customizable storage for advanced functionality of AI-enabled security cameras.

Edge Solutions

These SSDs and purpose-built HDDs for Network Video Recorders (NVRs) deliver high capacity and high endurance to store many days of high-res video footage.

WD Purple Surveillance HDDs

With enhanced reliability and longevity and wide capacity ranges for continuous 24/7, always-on surveillance systems, these HDDs are ideal for security video recording in mainstream DVRs to AI-enabled NVRs.

Western Digital Commercial NVMe SSDs

These SSDs deliver high capacity and high endurance for long-duration recording, coupled with ruggedness for the environmental challenges of transportation, security and surveillance.

Cloud Solutions

Our cloud solutions offer performance plus capacity and are designed to parse large amounts of data to help extract value from video footage.

Ultrastar DC Data Center Drives

Our Ultrastar DC drives offer an exceptional combination of performance, reliability and ultra-high capacity for security video analytics and edge AI deep learning.

WD Gold Data Center SATA HDDs

These durable, high-performance, high-capacity HDDs deliver uncompromising storage for handling the heavy workload of video analytics servers.

Ultrastar Storage Platforms

Our JBOD platforms and storage servers are built for data-intensive applications like video analytics and surveillance edge AI deep learning.

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