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Eligible business members can request tax exemption and enjoy tax-free purchasing.

What is Tax Exemption?

A tax exemption allows eligible organizations to purchase goods tax-free, subject to applicable laws for the state in which it operates business.

Is My Business Tax-Exempt?

Tax exemption is dependent on the laws of each state. While you would need to check with your specific state on whether you are tax exempt, some general types of exempt businesses include the following (not all-inclusive).


Businesses purchasing
items for resale

Federal Government

Federal entities, its agencies,
and instrumentalities


Charitable organizations or other

How It Works

Log In to Your Business Account

If you haven’t already, register for a Western Digital for Business account for tax exemption and other exclusive benefits.

Access the Tax Exemption Tool

In your Account drop-down menu, go to the “Tax Exemption” page and click Submit Tax Exemption in the top right corner.

Submit Your Tax Exemption Request

In the Tax Exemption Tool, you will be guided through a series of questions to verify your tax-exempt status.

Wait for Your Request to Be Processed

Once your request has been submitted, please allow 2-4 business days for status verification.

Get Approved and Start Shopping

Once you receive your email notification of approval, start shopping to enjoy tax-exempt purchasing.

Request Tax-Exempt Status

Frequently Asked Questions

Check your state’s tax exemption laws to find out if your business is tax exempt. In general, the types of organizations that are exempt include resellers, federal government entities, and non-profits.