Data Recovery Policy

Listed Data Recovery Service Providers and HGST Disclaimer

HGST does not perform any data recovery services. If you need to recover data on your disk drive, there are third party service providers who provide this service. You can select from a list below of data recovery service providers or you can search for data recovery services by entering "data recovery" into any internet search engine. Your choice of service provider is your risk and responsibility, and any agreement for data recovery services is entirely between you and the service provider. HGST is not responsible for the recovery of your data, and does not make any warranty, express or implied, regarding the services provided by any service provider. HGST is not liable for any loss or damages of any kind that relate to, arise out of, or result from the performance of services by the service provider, including, but not limited to any loss of data contained on a HGST hard drive.

If you utilize the data recovery services of a service provider named below, then HGST will not void an otherwise valid limited warranty in connection with the data recovery services. The service provider must provide you with written verification that it has performed data recovery services on service provider letterhead or label affixed to the drive, and this must accompany the drive when returned to HGST through the Return Material Authorization (RMA) process. Otherwise your disk drive must meet all requirements of the applicable HGST limited warranty to be eligible for warranty services.