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Reliable Storage from Camera to Cloud

Western Digital’s Smart Video Storage Solutions are ready to empower and accelerate the explosion in real-time data and artificial intelligence (AI). The proven and trusted WD Purple portfolio is purpose-built for continuous, ultra-reliable and durable smart video recording from camera to cloud. We provide the storage technology that powers advanced video solutions that capture, store and analyze rich imagery from our surroundings. It ultimately helps deliver a safer, more efficient, and smarter world.


WD Purple™ microSD™ Card

Ideal for security video cameras and edge devices, WD Purple microSD cards provide unique features such as card health monitoring functionality, humidity resistance and are designed to continuously operate in extreme weather conditions and climates. Importantly, WD Purple microSD cards offer different levels of endurance so that the users can choose the right microSD for their use cases.

  • Designed with ultra, high and extreme endurance for continuous operation
  • Supports card health monitor functionality
  • Advanced 3D non-volatile storage technology (NAND)
  • Up to 1TB1 capacities available


WD Purple HDD

Tailored for your surveillance storage solution needs, WD Purple drives are built for continuous, always-on, high-definition security systems. Featuring AllFrame™ technology, WD Purple drives improve video capturing and helps to reduce errors, pixilation, and video interruptions that could happen in a video recorder system.

  • Built for continuous digital video recorder (DVR) and network video recorder (NVR) surveillance systems
  • AllFrame 4K technology
  • Support up to 16 bays and employ tarnish-resistant components for harsher environments
  • Up to 8TB capacities available


WD Purple Pro HDD

WD Purple Pro drives are designed for advanced AI-enabled recorders, video analytics servers and deep learning solutions requiring additional capacity, performance and workload capability. Containing AllFrame AI technology, WD Purple Pro helps reduce frame loss, improve overall video playback, as well as, enable recording of multiple streams per camera. It supports AI streams for deep learning analytics within the system.

  • Engineered with advanced capabilities needed for high-end smart video solutions
  • Designed with tarnish-resistant components for harsh environments, and with additional robustness for multi-bay enclosures
  • AllFrame AI technology
  • Up to 32 AI channels for deep learning


Explore Western Digital’s Smart Video Storage Solutions

Surveillance Card Capacity and Life Estimator Tool

Do you know your camera’s recording parameters and want to know what size micro secure digital (microSD) card to install? Do you want to know how long your card may last if it has a certain endurance level? Use this tool to help estimate the minimum card size you will need, as well as help estimate the life of the card given its endurance level. This tool can help you capture the footage you need, and continuously record as long as you need it.

Card Health Monitoring

In compatible cameras, card health monitoring capability allows you to get notified about the health status of your WD Purple microSD card. This capability can help you perform preemptive storage management. By using the WD Purple microSD with card monitor system, you can help reduce downtime, save time and money, and optimize system maintenance.

Western Digital Device Analytics™

Western Digital Device Analytics (WDDA) provides a wealth of storage device parametric operational and diagnostic data to the system. Its algorithms interpret the data and direct the system to alert system administrators of specific recommended actions to address potential issues. WDDA is intended to empower original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators, and information technology (IT) professionals to better monitor and proactively manage supported storage devices to maintain optimal operation. With WDDA, customers are provided with a trusted storage platform that truly creates environments for surveillance and smart video data to thrive.

Surveillance Storage Capacity Estimator

Choose the right WD Purple HDDs by using this Surveillance Storage Capacity Estimator tool. Enter the details of your surveillance solution – such as number of cameras, camera resolution, frame rate, and video retention requirements – and this tool will help estimate the total amount of storage needed for your system. With this estimate, you can then choose the quantity and capacity points of WD Purple hard disk drives (HDDs) to meet the storage capacity requirements of your system.

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1. As used for storage capacity, 1GB = 1 billion bytes and 1TB = one trillion bytes. Actual user capacity may be less, depending on operating environment.