Scale-out File, Block and Object Storage with Western Digital and OSNEXUS



Western Digital and OSNEXUS partner to enable new levels of IT agility, combining the massively scalable QuantaStor storage platform with high-density disk expansion units from Western Digital. This petabyte-scale software-defined solution, based on open-source technology including Ceph and ZFS, enables scale-up and scale-out storage deployments with centralised management at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

If you’re considering deploying an SDS solution and looking for simplicity, flexibility, and savings, ESG Lab suggests considering OSNEXUS.



Design Center

QuantaStor Storage Grid technology provides a unique approach to management and scaling. It enables the unification of scale-up and scale-out file, block and object storage clusters with centralised management. Scale-out clusters are ideal for use cases that require S3 object storage or a mix of S3 object storage and scale-out NAS. Ready to get started? Use our online web application links provided below to start designing the ideal scale-out or scale-up storage solution for your next deployment.

Scale-out Ceph Configurator

Simplify the design of your Ceph storage environment using this easy to use Ceph configurator. QuantaStor scale-out storage clusters provide file, block and S3 compatible object storage in a ‘shared-nothing’ storage design. Erasure-coding and replica-based data distribution technology enable high-availability and fault- tolerance. Clusters scale from 432TB to over 50PB per cluster using Western Digital Serv60+8 storage servers. Unified object (S3), file (SMB), and block (iSCSI, FC) storage capabilities may be used simultaneously making scale-out clusters versatile for a broad range of applications.


Scale-up ZFS Configurator

Do you need to deploy highly available SAN/NAS? QuantaStor 5 scale-up configurations feature two-node clusters with up to six Western Digital Ultrastar Data60 or Data102 JBODs. Each cluster can be scaled up to 8.4PB of raw capacity, and over 100PB per QuantaStor Storage Grid. These solutions provide unified block (iSCSI, FC) and file (NFS, SMB) storage.


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