Prioritize Speed

RAID Solutions to Boost System Performance

RAID 0 configurations, as well as configurations that balance speed and redundancy, offer maximum performance for storage scenarios where in-device data redundancy isn’t a pressing need.

When speed is your top priority, pay closest attention to the drive’s MB/s transfer rate — this is ultimately the biggest driver. Also keep in mind that there’s a multiplier effect — more drives in an array deliver more speed. For example, a four-drive array offers greater speed than a two-drive array.


These RAID storage solutions deliver top-notch performance when speed is the main requirement.


Balanced solutions can also deliver high performance, as can having more drives.


Get the space you need with high-capacity solutions, plus features like daisy-chaining ThunderboltTM devices.

RAID Capacity Calculator

Ready to test out your ideal RAID configuration? Use our RAID Capacity Calculator to select your RAID type and see how much available space you’ll have based on your requirements.