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At the enterprise level, we talk about big data in terms of Volume, Velocity, and Variety—the three V’s. But as organizations shift from collecting data to acting on it, a fourth V has become more and more important: Value.

When massive amounts of data are integrated and analyzed at once regardless of the source, type, size, or format, value can be uncovered in the form of previously unseen trends, patterns, or connections. These data-driven insights are critical to smarter decision making and greater business agility. To extract this value from big data workloads means you need advanced storage infrastructure with purpose-built capabilities that will help take your business farther.

Designed for public and private cloud environments, our hard drives help you store massive amounts of data reliably, cost effectively, and energy efficiently. Some of our industry-first advanced technologies utilized in our portfolio of high-capacity HDDs include OptiNAND, ArmorCache, EAMR (energy-assisted magnetic recording), TSA (triple stage actuator), and HelioSeal. Learn more about our technologies below.


The ArmorCache feature, enabled by OptiNAND, provides enterprise power loss protection and increased performance.


The latest in HDD technology, OptiNAND adds a flash layer to offload expanded metadata, reducing DRAM need.

EAMR (Energy-Assisted Magnetic Recording)

A breakthrough in HDD recording technology, EAMR enables higher areal density through increased bits per inch (BPI) on HDD tracks.


Hermetically sealed helium inside HDD drives enables more disks, as well as quieter operation and low power usage.

Finding the right storage for your data depends on your specific business needs. Reference the chart below to find a solution that strikes the optimal balance of capacity, cost, performance, and more. And if your needs are more complex, talk to one of our experts and we can help you build out the optimal data infrastructure for your organization.

  Ultrastar DC HC300 Series WD Gold Enterprise HDD Ultrastar DC HC500 Series Ultrastar DC HC600 Series
Capacity 4-10TB 1-22TB 1-22TB 26TB
Recording Format CMR CMR CMR UltraSMR
Air/Helium Air Air/HelioSeal HelioSeal HelioSeal
Reliability 2M hours MTBF
0.44% AFR
Workloads up to 550TB/year
2-2.5M hours MTBF
0.35-0.44% AFR
Workloads up to 550TB/year
2.5M hours MTBF
0.35% AFR
Workloads up to 550TB/year
2.5M hours MTBF
0.35% AFR
Workloads up to 550TB/year

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Global collaboration platform giant Dropbox needed a dependable infrastructure worthy of its customers’ trust. Western Digital’s Ultrastar DC HC600 Series SMR HDDs helped achieve higher storage capacity and up to 20% cost efficiency. Read the case study to learn how.

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