It’s all worth saving.

We're Committed to Protecting and Preserving Our Planet.

And it starts with how we innovate, design, and package our products — from the first use to the last. Learn more about our environmental disclosures below.

Going Above and Beyond for Sustainability

At Western Digital, we believe in doing business the right way. We designed our four ambitious sustainability targets to continue our leadership in this area and set an example for other companies across industries. Through thoughtful planning and meticulous execution, we will make these goals a reality for our customers, our communities, and our team members.

100% renewable energy

Western Digital commits to running our operations on 100% renewable energy by 2030.

20% less water

Western Digital commits to reducing our water withdrawals by 20% by 2030.

<5% waste to landfill

Western Digital commits to diverting more than 95% of our waste from landfills by 2030.

Net zero emissions

Western Digital commits to achieving net zero emissions in our operations (Scope 1 and 2 emissions) by 2032.

That’s how many we’ve recycled. So far.

Saving by recycling

On Earth Day 2020, we launched our Easy Recycle product take-back program in the US that enables customers to easily recycle old data storage devices from any manufacturer. This free program has recycled more than 19,000 devices and diverted over 8.6 metric tons of waste from landfills.

Many of our products incorporated recycled material

Designed to save

What’s old is new again. We've made it a priority to create products that use recycled materials.

Products like our SanDisk Ultra Eco-USB incorporates recycled plastic. We also have products that incorporate recycled aluminum like our WD_BLACK P50 Game Drive, My Passport SSD and SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD.

300,000 MWh of product-level power savings

That’s how much power we’ve saved.

The power of saving

We are always exploring and innovating new ways to reduce power consumption. That’s why, when we focused on improving HDD power efficiency, it resulted in an estimated 300,000 MWh of product-level power savings from 2020-2021.

We’ve set an ambitious aim — approved by the Science Based Targets initiative — to reduce our carbon footprint. Our Scope 1 and 2 target is to reduce emissions by 42% from 2020 to 2030. Our Scope 3 target is to reduce the use-phase emissions intensity of our products by 50% by 2030.

We hold ourselves accountable for our impacts by disclosing annual GHG and water inventories, which are externally verified.

That’s how many trees we’ve saved.

Packaging that saves

We’re dedicated to saving greenspaces, one tree at a time. By reevaluating and redesigning our packaging, we’ve saved 12,000 trees.

Additionally, most paperboard, plastic, and packaging used is recyclable where facilities exist.

60 acres of trees saved
45 tons of waste saved

That’s how much waste we’ve removed.

Striving to save

Our Thailand team surpassed their goal by more than double, diverting over 45 tons of waste from landfills.

In addition to continually looking at ways to reduce our physical waste, from 2020-2021 we reduced our manufacturing energy intensity by more than 43%.

Saving for the future

We will continue in our efforts to reduce, recycle, reuse, and save. For now, for the planet, for the future.

Over the last 5 years, Western Digital has supported environmental causes around the globe. Over 4,400 employees have engaged in more than 100 volunteer events, including cleaning up beaches along the coast of California, helping release baby sea turtles on the beaches of Malaysia, beautifying urban spaces near our offices in India, and even adopting and tracking personal sustainable habits as the world went virtual in 2020. Additionally, we’re proud to share that we’ve given over $1.1M to environmentally focused non-profits through grants, matching campaigns, and other support.

Volunteers collecting trash from wooded area
Group of volunteers with trash collected
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Management System Certifications

Management System Certifications

Sustainable Drive Disposal

Sustainable Drive Disposal

GHG Water Inventory

GHG Water Inventory

Product Compliance

Product Compliance

Protecting and Preserving our Environment

Protecting and Preserving our Environment

Energy and Emissions

Reports and Resources

View our Corporate Responsibility documents, including our annual sustainability reports, to learn more about our environmental, social, and governance policies, initiatives, and certifications.