Max Data Redundancy

RAID Solutions to Improve Data Redundancy & Fault Tolerance

Western Digital’s lineup offers reliable, flexible options for RAID 1 that come ready to use — or that can be configured to your specific data redundancy needs.

RAID 1 offers the data redundancy and fault tolerance necessary to help ensure your data is well-protected. This means that, so long as you have one working drive in your system, you have your data.

Typically, RAID 1 is used in devices with two bays. That’s because this configuration only provides the usable capacity of one drive within the array, so two disks deliver a common sense single-disk fault tolerance. You can use RAID 1 in larger systems for greater fault tolerance, although you won’t receive boosts in speed or capacity.


Give your data excellent protection and redundancy.


When things go wrong, you still have your data there so long as one drive works.


These RAID solutions can handle a wide range of professional and home uses.

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