Terrell Lloyd

San Francisco based photographer Terrell Lloyd has been noted for his experience shooting professional and college sports. He is currently employed by the San Francisco 49ers as their director of the organization photography services and is the full-time lead team photographer. He had been with the organization since 1996 as a contract photographer, now he is responsible for all of the team's photographic assignments. Terrell Lloyd has always loved football and in 1994 he was granted the opportunity to shoot a game on the sidelines at Candlestick Park. According to one of his clients, "Terrell's sports photography really captures the essence of the game."

Since 1992, Terrell Lloyd has provided professional photography services to individuals and organizations throughout the United States and around the world. Terrell Lloyd is most known for his special combination of artistic vision and cutting-edge technology. Also, for the past 14 years, Terrell Lloyd is the athletic sports photographer for San Jose State University providing all of their photographic services. Terrell has also earned a number of championship rings for his work with the San Jose State University as well as two NFC Championships with the San Francisco 49ers for his work and services. Terrell has also earned a number of rings for his time bowling on the professional bowlers' tour and leagues with several perfect 300 games and 800 series.

Terrell Lloyd was elected to the prestigious Canon Explorer of Light program in 2006-10 and has been reelected to the Canon EOL program again in 2017-Current. This is a group of top professional photographers from around the world selected to provide educational programs around the country. The Canon Explorers share their photographic and technical expertise with a wide number of photographers in a variety of personal appearances, seminars, and gallery shows. Also, SanDisk® chose Terrell Lloyd in 2009 for the newly formed SanDisk Extreme Team. Terrell was also recently selected to Think Tank Photo Pro Team in 2018.

In 2017 Terrell received a Legends award from Xposure101 conference in Detroit. This award honors individuals who have greatly influenced creativity, diversity, and learning in the creative and photographic industries and by paving the way for others and inspiration. Western Digital presented Terrell with their 2019 Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Photography Industry.

Over the past 27 years, Lloyd has diversified his business by photographing a multitude of events. He has mastered the art of photographing high-end corporate events, products, weddings, portraits, and more. As a photographic artist, Lloyd has traveled the world for major corporations and remains on the leading edge of technology as he continues to provide his clients with top-level service and professionalism. Lloyd's clients include BMW, Yahoo, Intuit, Ritz Carlton Hotel, NetApp, Verizon, Canon USA, and SanDisk®.

Shooting football has opened many doors for Terrell Lloyd and enabled him to cover other major sporting events such as NFL Super Bowl's, PGA Golf, Professional Tennis, MLB Baseball, the NBA, and more. Lloyd has also received many awards of merits for his portraits and wedding work and was the photographer of the year by AMPP in 2001 and earned his craftsman degree by PPA 2006.

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Terrell Lloyd

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