Western Digital Capital

Helping Companies Thrive

Data is growing and evolving every day. Western Digital Capital supports and collaborates with smart, innovative startups to reshape how data is captured, preserved, accessed and transformed.

Our approach is to unite people and ideas to challenge the status quo and make the future of data a reality. We’re leveraging our capital, expertise, and industry connections to unlock the full potential of our future.

Partnering with Innovation

Western Digital Capital partners with innovative startups that improve how data is generated, saved, managed, and consumed. Focused on North America, Israel, Europe, and India, our markets include data centers, cloud, mobile, automotive, gaming, and PC, with application interest in AI/ML, Big Data, memory, storage systems, and data orchestration.

Who We Are

Our team includes investment bankers, venture capitalists, analysts, lawyers, consultants, mathematicians, scientists, and engineers with in-depth knowledge of technology, the storage ecosystem, and their impacts on our daily lives.

Together we provide strategic insights to facilitate business unit partnership opportunities for companies to profitably accelerate their growth.

Investment Team

Amir Fridman, Senior Director,
Corporate Investments EMEA 

Kaushik Roy, Senior Director,
Corporate Investments USA, India 

Lokesh Ayireddy, Director,
Corporate Investments India 

Dan Steere, Senior Vice President,
Global Managing Director 


We are committed to driving innovation. We do that by investing in startups that are shaping the future of data storage in data center, edge, consumer and memory devices.

Data Center & Enterprise

Internet of Things, Consumer Devices & Services

Components & Subsystems

Exit Portfolio (2011 – Present)