Clinton Harn

Cinematographer, Filmmaker and Producer

A cinematographer, filmmaker and producer, Clinton is regarded by his peers and colleagues as a “Renaissance” man. His passion for creative technology has seen him delve into almost every facet of creative & artistic media. Since 2002, he has donned roles including executive producer, art director, director of photography, assistant cameraman, focus puller, sound recordist, sound designer and mixer on films and documentaries. In 2020, Clinton is currently working on a new film “The Lift”, featuring visual effects, make-up and production design team who worked on the films “Matrix”, “Wolverine” & “Hacksaw Ridge”.

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"Storage space is a key facet in my production chain. In essence, it contains important data that monetizes what I do best. Why people compromise on drive quality eludes me. I protect my investments, more importantly, my clients. That's why I use G-Technology drives."

The G-Technology Difference

Clinton hasn’t had a drive fail in a while. More than eight years ago, he began using G-Technology drives as part of his regular workflow. By the time he started working on his jaw-dropping time lapse film "Terra Australis" released in 2016, Clinton was open to embracing the drive vendor more broadly. "When we started work on 'Terra Australis,' I knew we were onto something special, so I wanted to use the best drives money could buy." says Harn.

Ultimately, only one metric matters: whether there are any problems. In Clinton’s experience,  G-Technology drives haven’t suffered a single hitch. Clinton describes one time when his gear bag was accidentally run over by a truck on set. His G-Technology drives and MacBook® Pro were in the bag. While the notebook received a couple of dents, the drives emerged unscathed and fully functional. While Clinton has every faith in G-Technology’s ruggedness and durability, he does not recommend dropping the drives or having them get run over by any moving vehicle.

"If I had to sum up G-Technology in one statement, it would be this: industry grade drives made by professionals, for professionals. No other company in the storage industry can match that. It’s what makes G-Technology a no-brainer."

Streamlined Workflow

As a rule, Harn shuns large gear setups, even for a desktop editing station. He’s a firm believer in maximizing portability. Portability drives his storage strategy. What works in his office needs to serve just as well on the road, so his choice of drives is doubly important. Clinton now uses G-Technology G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt™ 3 for general file storage. When it comes to editing, Harn switches to the G-SPEED Shuttle with Thunderbolt 3 for its high performance, transportability, and Thunderbolt 3 speeds.

Interestingly, Harn doesn’t have a larger-scale disk storage system in his office—a "tank" as some call it. He would rather dedicate his time and resources to production than archiving, and he’s confident that his G-SPEED Shuttles will keep his assets protected throughout his job cycles.

"My policy in how I serve clients is that I try not to store too much stuff. For example, I will keep a client’s material for three to four weeks. I stipulate in a written document that after that time, I get rid of it. That way I don’t have tons and tons of drives to archive stuff with. My whole workflow is built around: I do the edits, I get the product formatted and delivered, and it’s done. The only things I backup are some of my personal show reels or any footage that I want to keep for marketing purposes."

Always Evolving

Unlike many other professionals in the G-TEAM, Clinton doesn’t hold religiously to a certain workflow. He works across photo, video and audio, and how he manages data for each of those mediums varies. The constants are that each job generates a lot to data to manage, data management per job is increasing, and that Clinton trusts G-Technology to get the job done.

Clinton looks forward to adopting faster, more flexible connection technologies—specifically the new G-Speed Shuttle SSD, which is part of G-Technology’s workflow series. With Thunderbolt ™ 3 increased throughput and SSD speeds, transfer rates will climb and Clinton will be able to store and edit projects even faster. 

"With the G-SPEED Shuttles with ev Bay Adapters, I don’t have to bring cumbersome large drives on the set or to a job. I can now bring very portable G-DRIVE® RaW SSDs. Then I can come back to base, dock them into the ev bay adapters and do all my transfers there. For me, that’s freedom and luxury."

The versatility of the workflow series is how Clinton knows that G-Technology listens to professionals like him and crafts the products they want. In addition to ruggedness, performance, aesthetics, or anything else, G-Technology is always developing better products for Professionals.  This is why Clinton sees G-Technology as "cutting edge." 

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G‐Technology external hard drives serve as an element of an overall backup strategy. It is recommended that users keep two or more copies of their most important files backed up or stored on separate devices or online services.

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