Embedded & Removable Flash
Business Products

As the world becomes connected, the volume of data is growing at an astonishing rate, involved in every facet of our lives. The complexity of data, combined with Edge analysis enabling real-time decisions, is driving innovation as businesses seek to extract more value and achieve new breakthroughs by harnessing the power of data.

Industrial & IoT

Our purpose-built storage solutions are empowering a plethora of connected devices across a variety of applications. Leveraging decades of expertise in NAND flash, our industrial-grade storage devices provide robust solutions for industrial and IoT applications requiring high-durability, high-reliability, and high-performance across a wide range of operational requirements.

Vertically Integrated

Taking complete control over the process including NAND manufacturing, assembly, testing, reliability analysis and monitoring

Built to Last

Designed with components and firmware to withstand the demanding workloads of Industrial and IoT applications

Fast and Reliable

Optimized for a wide variety of use cases with an industrial feature set that guarantees quality, data reliability and integrity