DataVault Upgrade Option No Longer Available 

Western Digital strives to provide reliable and trustworthy storage solutions for businesses and consumers alike. We continuously evaluate and improve our hardware, software, and services as security standards evolve, and encourage users to continually update their software to the latest version.  

If you are currently using or previously used Private Access/Secure Access for SanDisk products, you may have been presented with an option to upgrade to DataVault. As of March 1, 2023, DataVault upgrade is no longer available.

For users who previously have subscribed to Datavault, please contact ENC Security.

Affected Devices

Windows and macOS computers with Private Access/Secure Access applications. 


The following are some questions we frequently encountered while preparing for this change:

Q: I have subscribed to DataVault. How can I access services and support? 
A: DataVault is an ENC product. Please contact ENC Security for any support questions you may have. 

Q: Is there a replacement for DataVault? 
A: At this time, there is no replacement upgrade service for DataVault. 

Q: How can I use Private Access/Secure Access? 
A: You can download the newest application here.