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About Western Digital Pro Rewards

Western Digital Pro Rewards is a rewards program for our channel partners. Points can be earned for qualifying product purchases from Western Digital-authorized distributors and/or other earning activities. Points will be redeemed quarterly by Western Digital and awarded to our partners as a cash payout.

Program Eligibility

Approval is subject to eligibility criteria, such as business type, region, and other related factors. Existing channel partners can request to join through their account. For new partners, follow the steps below to join.

How to Join

Create Account

To participate in Western Digital Pro Rewards, register to be a channel partner.

Request Rewards

Submit your request to join the rewards program on the last step of registration.

Wait for Approval

After submission, we will review your request and contact you via email with an eligibility update.

Start Earning

Once approved, enjoy a Welcome Reward of 2,000 points and purchase eligible products to earn more.

Program Benefits

Welcome Reward

Boost your earnings with 2,000 points when you join.

Get Rewarded

Automatically earn points on purchases of eligible products.

Bonus Promotions

Earn extra points with exclusive tier promotions.

Tier Exclusives

Unlock more rewards when you reach Gold or Platinum.

Redeem Your Points

Points will be redeemed for a quarterly cash payout starting at $1001. Your business can earn up to $30,000 per calendar quarter.

Maximize Your Points

Your points go further in Gold or Platinum tiers. Once you reach these tiers, receive a points multiplier at redemption.

Tier Benefits

Elevate your status. As you progress through each tier, enjoy exclusive offers and personalized rewards.


No minimum points required

500,000+ points per calendar year

3,000,000+ points per calendar year

Welcome Reward
One-time award after joining.
2,000 points
Tier Milestone
Awarded when a new tier status is achieved.
5,000 points 25,000 points
Points Multiplier
Applied at point redemption.
1x 1.1x 1.2x
Minimum Reward
No cash rewards will be issued for less than $100. All cash rewards will be issued in US Dollars.
$100 $100 $100
Maximum Reward
Amounts listed are the rewards possible in each tier, with a total cumulative amount of $120,000 available per calendar year. Cash payouts will not exceed $30,000 per calendar quarter. All cash rewards will be issued in US Dollars.
Up to $5,000 Up to $33,000 Up to $120,000
Bonus Points
Promotions vary per tier.
Invites to
Exclusive Events
Events vary per region.
Giveaways vary per region.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the program is free to participate in. However, to earn points, approved customers must purchase eligible products from Western Digital-authorized distributors.

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1. No cash rewards will be issued for less than $100. All cash rewards will be issued in US Dollars.