Solutions to Streamline Your Creative Workflow

Keep Your Creative Workflow Flowing

Teamwork is essential to any production. WD’s creative professional storage solutions are specifically designed for the way your team works, helping everyone create and produce smarter, faster and more collaboratively. The result? Delivering something that everyone can be proud of — the best project possible.


The My Passport™ Wireless SSD is an all in one portable drive that helps preserve photos and videos captured on your cameras and drones. The one touch copy button lets you back up photos and videos with the built in SD™ card reader or the integrated USB port without a laptop or software.

My Passport Wireless SSD

Lighten Your Gear Bag

High capacity in a compact design, the My Passport Wireless SSD drive fits beautifully in your gear bag. You can travel light and focus all your energy creating your best work.

Stream and Share from Anywhere

Even when you’re working in the field, you can wirelessly offload, edit, stream and share your videos and RAW images on the go with the My Cloud mobile app and your tablet or smartphone.

SD Backup on Location

You can never be too safe. With the My Passport Wireless SSD drive's built-in SD 3.0 card reader, not only can you offload quickly, you can also back up all the photos on your camera’s SD card.



Give your creativity all the space it needs… and get the ability to access, share and transfer those large files without missing a beat. RAID-0 mode provides super-fast performance with up to 360MB/s1. Media management, including file redundancy, is an essential part of your workflow, and the My Book Duo has exceptional space with capacities up to 36TBs.

Accelerate Your Creativity

The My Book Duo storage device is built with 360MB/s1 sequential read speeds (using the USB-C port), the drive designed for creative professionals, experts and users with high-performance requirements. Spend more time doing what you love and less time waiting.

Be Redundant and Don’t Lose a Thing

You create irreplaceable content. WD products with RAID help make sure you don’t lose it. With My Book Duo storage, automatically duplicate content stored on one drive onto a second drive with RAID 1. In the unlikely event that one drive fails, your data is safe on the other drive.

Transfer Large Media Files

Transferring media is essential to the creative work flow process. It can be tedious. Your foot tap, tap, taps as you wait, wait, wait. Not with WD products with flexible ports to transfer huge 4K video or image files, including via Thunderbolt™ I/O technology.


The My Cloud Pro storage device is centralized network attached storage (NAS) that makes sharing easy. It’s ideal for team collaboration because you can edit and save production files within your team, and share them with your clients. The My Cloud Pro device also has a robust array of backup and RAID options to preserve your team’s creative work.


Store Your Creative Projects in One Central Place

Team collaboration and sharing is made easy with the My Cloud Pro storage device because files are centrally stored, yet remotely accessible with an internet connection. Everyone on the team can access media files through the My Cloud mobile app or MyCloud.com.  

Back Up for Good Business Sake

Set it and forget it with automatic backup. My Cloud Pro Series devices work with Time Machine (Mac) and WD SmartWare Pro (PC systems) software so you can reliably back up your media files and folders during the time you schedule it to run.

Stream HD Video Beautifully

Whether you’re sharing finished projects with your entire team or valued clients, My Cloud Pro Series features hardware transcoding and a downloadable Plex™ Media Server so everyone can smoothly stream HD video wherever they are.



Optimized for blazing speed, a WD Blue SATA SSD enhances your system to keep up with your creative needs. With the superior performance of a WD Blue SATA SSD, you can start your system faster, boot programs in a flash, and simultaneously run several creative applications with ease.  

Spend less time waiting and more time creating

With transfer speeds up to 545MB/s read and up to 525MB/s write, a WD Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD supercharges your system to load files without delay and reduce lag while editing HD video or creating digital illustrations1.

Maximize multitasking

WD Blue 3D NAND SATA SSDs are tuned to make multitasking easy so you can run several of your more demanding applications simultaneously. Edit .RAW files in Photoshop, stream your latest 4K creation, and share it with the entire team at the same time.

Enjoy broad compatibility and leading-edge reliability

Available in 2.5” 7mm and M.2 2280 versions, WD Blue 3D NAND SATA SSDs come in models to fit most laptop and desktop PCs. And with no moving parts, a WD Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD helps guard your data from accidental bumps and drops for years to come.

Compare Creative Workflow Storage Solutions

My Passport Wireless SSD

My Passport Wireless SSD


250GB - 2TB

Ideal for photographers

Backup cards on the go. Offload memory cards, without a laptop or internet. Built-in SD™ 3.0 card reader and integrated USB port for card readers. Stream 4K video. 10-hour battery life. Preview RAW images & edit in 3rd party apps. 1m drop endurance.

My Book Duo

My Book Duo


4TB - 36TB

Ideal for Editing

Give your creativity all the space it needs… and get the ability to access, share and transfer those large files without missing a beat. Media management, including file redundancy, is an essential part of your workflow, and the My Book Pro storage device has exceptional space. You can upgrade storage capacity easily at any time, and the RAID drives help protect your valuable media.

My Cloud Pro Series PR2100

My Cloud Pro Series PR2100


0TB - 28TB

Ideal for Collaboration

Centralize hi-res photos and HD videos. Edit and save media from anywhere. Share HD videos seamlessly with clients using MyCloud.com or the My Cloud mobile app. Several RAID configurations to help protect your digital library. Password protection.


  1. Read/Write speed performance is based on internal testing using CrystalDiskMark. Performance may vary based on host device. 1 MB = 1,000,000 bytes.