Meet Atiba Jefferson

With deep roots in the pro-skater community, photographer Atiba Jefferson works with celebrities like LeBron James, 21savage, Millie Bobby Brown and Tony Hawk. Meet Atiba and learn how rejecting failure fuels his relentless quest for the perfect shot and the importance of having gear you can trust.

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Hear how rejecting failure made Atiba a better photographer and skater.

Q&A with Atiba Jefferson

Q: Who is your favorite present day competitive skater and what sets them apart from others?

A: Andrew Reynolds is still my favorite but I love all the young guys. Rowan Zorilla and Tyshawn Jones are the future. They do their own thing and that always stands out.

Q: You’ve collaborated with top basketball stars like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Is there a basketball player that has left you starstruck?

A: Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson ooze cool. They also don’t take a bad picture.

Q: How was your recent experience when working with Millie Bobby Brown for her new makeup line?

A: It was great. She is a total pro. She came to the shoot and rocked it like a veteran. 

Q: What are some similarities and differences between shooting athletes vs. celebrities?

A: The similarities are you never have a lot of time, the difference is athletes tend to not want to sit and model, celebrities are used to it.


Atiba's Gear


Skate Photographers capture hours of skating to catch that one moment of victory. Make sure your footage is backed up with storage that is as relentless as you are.

G-SPEED Shuttle with Thunderbolt 3

Atiba relies on the speed and durability of the G-SPEED Shuttle with Thunderbolt 3 to centralize and protect all his critical footage from on location to back in the studio.

Headshot of Atiba Jefferson

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