Lucas Gilman

Lucas Gilman grew up in the mountains of Western Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder School of Journalism. His love of adventure and a keen curiosity creates his distinct style of photography. Traveling the world in search of untouched places and wild experiences, Lucas captures images ranging from kayaking in India, Brazil, Uganda and Costa Rica to backcountry skiing in Colorado, Wyoming, Alaska, and South America. He has also covered major events and stories around the globe including the Ironman, Kentucky Derby (X6), open water swimming in Australia, and the Tour De France.

A winner of numerous prestigious awards, Lucas, regularly works with editorial clients that span the globe. He also recently won the 2008 American Photo Emerging Photographer Award -sponsored by Apple Computers. In addition to a full shooting schedule, Lucas teaches photography workshops around the US and worldwide.

Lucas uses SanDisk Extreme® memory cards to capture action sports around the globe from an extreme perspective.

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