David Ellis

David Ellis is a documentary/fine art photographer living in California. He began his photographic journey in photojournalism where he learned the power of visual storytelling and capturing the immediacy of the moment. His mantra, “see it, shoot it,” has been the driving force of his work for decades. An endless curiosity about the human condition and a deep background in design and performing arts has helped him create work that bridges numerous categories, including street, travel, sports, portraiture and conceptual photography. His work has been recognized in numerous juried international photographic competitions and has appeared in numerous magazines, blogs and advertising campaigns.

I exclusively use SanDisk Extreme Pro Memory cards because of their unique mix of speed, capacity and reliability. There are no “second takes” in my photography, no way to replicate the moment, so ensuring that the session is captured safely is paramount. In addition, I use G-Technology 12TB G-RAID drives configured in RAID 1 for storage and post-production. G-Technology’s proven, rock-solid performance delivers the speed and reliability that’s critical for my workflow.


David Ellis

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It continues to evolve from heavily documentarian to more abstract and conceptual. I’ve been fascinated by is the idea of synecdoche, where a part of something stands for its whole. My Lobospheres project is an example. Rather than shoot Pt. Lobos’ expansive and familiar seascape, I’ve focused on smaller details that hopefully resonate to the larger area.