Embedded &
Removable Flash

As the world becomes connected, the volume of data is growing at an astonishing rate, involved in every facet of our lives. The complexity of data, combined with Edge analysis enabling real-time decisions, is driving innovation as businesses seek to extract more value and achieve new breakthroughs by harnessing the power of data.


Designed for the connected and autonomous car market, our automotive storage solutions deliver high-performance, high-reliability and high-capacity storage for a variety of demanding automotive applications. Western Digital’s automotive grade storage solutions address the evolving needs of applications such as infotainment, digital cluster, telematics gateway, ADAS and data recorders and next generation architectures such as domain and zonal which use a shared storage rather than a distributed architecture. Our wide portfolio allows system architects to select the right storage solution for their designs.


Automotive-specific feature set and full vertical integration of design, manufacturing, assembly and test to meet the reliability demands of automotive applications


End-to-end storage solutions deliver the sophisticated write, read and erase performance for capturing and analyzing massive amounts of data from car to cloud


Developed to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the automotive industry with zero defect strategy to ensure the robustness and high quality


Automotive Workload Analysis

Storage is about having the ability to support the durability and longevity that automotive systems require, supporting features that allow monitoring and providing the best user experience possible to address the new applications’ needs. Find out how Western Digital’s tools and analysis methodologies architect the right solutions for current and future unique workloads to support the growing automotive storage market and prevent expensive recalls due to over-written storage.

Industrial & IoT

Our purpose-built storage solutions are empowering a plethora of connected devices across a variety of applications. Leveraging decades of expertise in NAND flash, our industrial-grade storage devices provide robust solutions for industrial and IoT applications requiring high-durability, high-reliability, and high-performance across a wide range of operational requirements.

Vertically Integrated

Taking complete control over the process including NAND manufacturing, assembly, testing, reliability analysis and monitoring

Built to Last

Designed with components and firmware to withstand the demanding workloads of Industrial and IoT applications

Fast and Reliable

Optimized for a wide variety of use cases with an industrial feature set that guarantees quality, data reliability and integrity


Real-Time Driver Monitoring Systems Require a Robust Storage Solution

In this case study, you’ll learn about how Western Digital’s robust e.MMC embedded flash drives enable a driver monitor system that have been deployed in thousands of commercial trucks.


Data in Space: More than Just Rocket Science

Space is austere. It’s an airless vacuum. Temperatures can swing from hundreds of degrees near the sun to so cold that atomic motion slows to a crawl. For engineers and scientists designing satellites and other spacecraft, “keeping it operating as long as possible” is often the most significant challenge after surviving launch.


5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are redefining the world to play, work and learn. Our iNAND® and commercial removable products offer multiple interfaces and form factors, enabling OEMs and mobile system architects the flexibility to deliver a portfolio of mobile products differentiated with performance, features and storage capacity. Western Digital is committed to developing and delivering leading storage solutions that unlock new user experiences for next generation of 5G.

Optimized for Mobile

Designed to deliver seamless user experience for the most data-intensive mobile devices and tablets

Scalability & Design Flexibility

Storage lineup allowing for design flexibility and scalability across a wide range of price points

Trusted Partner

Close ties with ecosystem partners at each juncture to support mobile customers’ timely product launch


Western Digital Flash Innovations Unlock Powerful New Experiences for Next-Generation 5G Smartphone Users

Second-Generation UFS 3.1 mobile storage solution delivers the performance and capacity needed to support data-rich, multimedia applications

Connected Home

Our Connected Home product series offer smart, high-endurance storage solutions for write/read intensive connected and smart home applications. Engineered and tested to meet the service provider’s demanding reliability, endurance and quality requirements, our embedded flash drive, SD and microSD card, USB, SSD and HDD are helping our customers to achieve cost-effective DVR implementations and reduce TCO for system/network architecture.

OEM Offering

A portfolio of high-performance, high-endurance products for quick and simple deployment of connected home applications

High Endurance

Extreme durability supporting the toughest time shift buffer specification requirements and wide operational temperature range

Enhanced Features

Custom-designed features for user/application behavior analysis and preventive maintenance


Connected Home and Edge Computing Storage

Western Digital provides a full portfolio of storage solutions including small form factors, a wide capacity option, broad operating temperature range, and most importantly, its high endurance for the anticipated 24/7 operations and workload. Western Digital’s High Endurance portfolio for Edge Computing and Connected Home is specifically designed to optimize the overall performance of the applications that require constant and continuous writes to the storage.