Security Solutions

Leading the Innovation in Information Security Space

As a leading data infrastructure company, our customers look to us to also provide leadership in the security space. Western Digital recognizes that security must be a core design principle that permeates every aspect of our product design, as well as our internal policies and procedures.

Physical Root of Trust

Security begins with secure infrastructure and with strong security practices and procedures. For hardware-based security systems, the most basic building block is a physical root of trust (RoT). Most RoT chips in use today are proprietary. Because implementations are opaque, there is no way for an end-user to independently verify the quality of the RoT chip’s architecture, firmware, or hardware design. Alternatively, open source security solutions are based on open and inspectable implementations combined with transparent policies and security practices. Western Digital believes that the best security architectures will be those that are, to the greatest extent possible, open to and inspectable by everyone.


One of the RoT projects Western Digital is working on is OpenTitan™, the first open source project building a transparent, high-quality reference design and integration guidelines for silicon RoT chips. Leveraging our expertise in data infrastructure and open source technologies, Western Digital is working with ecosystem partners to optimize the OpenTitan framework to meet the diverse security demands of data-centric storage use cases from the core to the edge, including machine-learning applications, smartphones, and connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

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