Data Recovery

An Extra Layer of Protection for Your Content

We’ve partnered with Ontrack® to provide protection for routine and extreme data loss scenarios such as drive failure, viruses, and software issues. The plan includes one in-lab data recovery attempt, shipping costs to and from Ontrack, and in most cases, a warranty replacement device1. Make a one-time payment starting at €10.99, with no additional fees. Select one of the qualifying products below to get started.

Benefits of a Data Recovery Plan


Ontrack offers decades of expertise in data recovery with a very high success rate.

Money-Back Guarantee

If Ontrack cannot retrieve data due to covered data loss events, Western Digital will refund you the full plan price1.

Affordable Solution

Without a Data Recovery plan, single drive recoveries under Ontrack’s Standard Service Level can range from ~€1000 - €20002.

Data Recovery in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Select a qualifying product and plan duration.

Step 2

Submit a claim with Ontrack to get started.

Step 3

Ship your device to Ontrack with a pre-paid label.

Step 4

Receive a replacement device with recovered files1.

Our Trusted Partner

Western Digital is proud to partner with Ontrack by KLDiscovery, a global leader in data recovery since 1985. Ontrack delivers top-tier data recovery, email extraction and restoration, data destruction, and tape management services.

This partnership ensures Western Digital customers can access Ontrack’s:

  Proprietary data recovery and management solutions

  Worldwide cleanroom facilities

  Engineering expertise with 30+ years of experience

With Ontrack’s dedicated team of research and development engineers, the company has developed hundreds of proprietary and customized solutions over the past 30+ years to recover data from tapes, hard drives, solid state drives, flash media, mobile devices, virtual environments, operating systems, and a myriad of other storage devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the coverage period of my plan?

Data Recovery Plan coverage starts on the product shipment date. It will be active for 2 or 3 years from that date, depending on the plan duration you selected for your device.

How do I track my claim?

Your claim will be assigned a case number and a dedicated Ontrack customer support representative who can provide status updates anytime via email.

How will my data be returned to me?

Within the Plan Term for the Data Recovery Plan you purchased, we will provide your recovered data on a replacement device that is equivalent to your original product. After data recovery is completed, the original device will be sent by Ontrack to Western Digital to be processed for destruction.

Data Recovery Claims

If you purchased a plan and lost your data, submit a claim with Ontrack.

1. Limitations apply. See Data Recovery Plan Terms & Conditions.
2. Source: Ontrack data for calendar year 2022. Cost range will vary depending upon Service Level, type of device, cause of data loss, drive condition, and other factors.
3. Use of an internal HDD in a RAID configuration or device will void the Data Recovery Plan purchased with the product.