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Scale as Fast as Your Data

Data is the lifeblood of strategic business decision-making. And it’s being generated everywhere from smart phones, IoT devices, autonomous vehicles, industrial sensors, medical wearables, video surveillance, and other next-gen tech. Storing all this data is one (big) thing, but being able to preserve, access, and gain actionable insights from that data could be what sets your business apart from the rest.

To do that, your data center storage strategy needs to keep pace—whether that means utilizing tiered storage, co-locating compute and data center systems, deploying multicloud environments, taking full advantage of enterprise hard disk drives (HDDs) for large-capacity storage, or using the latest NVMe™ (nonvolatile memory express) innovations. You need to select the right data storage solution based on your unique application requirements, use cases, and workloads. Is your biggest challenge around storing big data? Disruptive lag times when trying to quickly access or analyze data? Scaling efficiently?

Whether you are a large enterprise setting up a private cloud or a small-to-midsize company wanting to securely manage your data on-site, Western Digital data center storage solutions can help you store, optimize, and monetize your data for better business outcomes.

Massive Data Storage Capacity

Big data—or very large datasets used for analysis—is being generated everywhere from IoT, machine sensors, mobile devices, health monitors, and more.

Gain Valuable Insights

Various computations, algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) are used to analyze big data to uncover trends, patterns, and associations that provide valuable insights to help you make better business decisions.

Store More So You Can Do More

To store massive datasets, you need advanced data storage infrastructure that is purpose-built to support critical applications and workloads. Laying the foundation for more effective data centers, Western Digital delivers industry-leading, high-capacity hard drives so you can not only store more data, but also do more with that data.

Fast Data for Fast Decision-Making

Speed is a business imperative. Confidently make game-changing decisions with fast access to your data. Stay ahead of ever-changing market trends and industry competition with the streamlined compute, storage, and network resources you need to scale in real time.

Unlock Data Intelligence

Data analysis can extract insights that lead to better business decisions, efficiencies in productivity and automation, and even bring unexpected value.

Accelerate Your Business

With Western Digital, capture, organize, and access the latest data for critical analytics and enterprise workflows. Our portfolio of high-performance SSD devices can access, read, and write datasets with ultra-low latency so you can respond rather than react to changing needs.

Scaling Efficiently and Effectively

Get the most out of enterprise workflows and applications with data storage solutions designed to store and access data quickly and reliably—even across the largest datasets.

Balance Performance And Capacity

Brave the most demanding data-heavy tasks with storage platforms from Western Digital. Customize your infrastructure to flexibly balance capacity, performance, and cost—and make the most of your data to benefit your business.

Featured Hard Drives

Ultrastar DC HC330 Data Center Drive

Fast, reliable data access for traditional data center applications.

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WD Gold Enterprise Class SATA Hard Drive

Enterprise-class performance to conquer tough workloads.

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Ultrastar DC HC560 Data Center Drive

Innovative architecture and outstanding power efficiency.

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Ultrastar DC HC650 Data Center SMR Drive

Purpose-built for sequential write applications.

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Featured SSDs

WD Gold Enterprise Class NVMe SSD

Improved system responsiveness and business productivity.

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Ultrastar DC SN640 Data Center SSD

Mainstream SSD for broad deployment in data center IT and cloud environments.

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Ultrastar DC SN840 Data Center SSD

Designed for primary storage in HPC servers and external storage arrays.

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Ultrastar DC ZN540 Data Center NVMe ZNS SSD

Enables application optimized storage in a complex multi-tenant environment.

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Featured Storage Platforms

Ultrastar Data60 Storage Platform

High density and the flexibility to balance performance with cost.

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OpenFlex Data24 NVMe-oF Storage Platform

The performance of NVMe flash in low-latency, shared storage.

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Ultrastar Edge Transportable Edge Server

High-performance edge server that enables remote data capture and analytics.

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Evaluator Group Lab Insight Video – Western Digital OpenFlex™ Data24 Shared High-Performance NVMe™ Storage

In this Lab Insight video, the Evaluator Group shares very compelling results and perspectives from their evaluation of Western Digital’s OpenFlex™ Data24 Shared High-Performance NVMe™ Storage platform.

HDD: Reimagined

To meet increasing demand for digital storage, Western Digital created a flash-enhanced drive architecture called OptiNAND that will improve performance, reliability, and increase capacity.

OpenFlex Architecture and Product Line

Western Digital’s OpenFlex architecture and product line, and new, open application programming interface (API) together create the foundation for software composable infrastructure (SCI) and deliver new possibilities in scalability, efficiency, agility, and performance in the data center.

Flash Perspective: A Conversation with Rob Soderbery

Western Digital executive vice president and GM of Flash, Rob Soderbery, gives his insights into the direction and momentum of the global flash market, and discusses a few announcements from SanDisk Professional, WD_BLACK and more.

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If your business requires quick data access or relies on heavy analytics, high-performance SSDs can help increase application performance. SSDs can enable quicker file access, application acceleration, faster boot-ups, and more.

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