RAID Solutions for JBOD and JBOF

With JBOD and JBOF — “just a bunch of drives” and “just a bunch of flash,” respectively — RAID storage devices offer multiple paths to flexibility.

JBOD is the use of multiple drives within a single enclosure or setup. However, each drive acts independently and is seen by the system separately.

One of its key advantages is that new drives may be added later with no reformatting required. This approach does not add any speed or redundancy, but it does limit data loss to the drives that fail rather than losing everything across the array. Drives can also be easily swapped out to add capacity or moved to other locations.

“Spanning” is when these drives are logically combined into one volume, so the system only sees one larger “drive”. Spanning can be more user-friendly than JBOD in day-to-day use, but it can limit the ease of adding and removing drives as necessary.


These storage solutions offer long-term flexibility for growing, changing needs.


There are a variety of ways to tailor solutions to your specific needs, such as adding more drives.


Get storage that can grow with you, with high capacity or the ability to add drives later as needed.

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