Daniel Fox

Daniel Fox is the author of FEEL THE WILD and a Lexus, Arc’teryx and Sandisk ambassador. His official title is A.P.E.2, literally and figuratively. Genetically, he belongs to the Hominidae taxonomic family, the great apes. And beyond that he is an artist/author (A), photographer/philosopher (P), explorer/entrepreneur (E). Through his work, he seeks to inspire experiencing Nature as a framework, mindset and mentor for personal transformation. He believes in the power of Nature to Nurture, Awaken, Transcend, Uplift, Restore and Elevate the human spirit.

He is the founder of WILD.ECO (http://wild.eco), a nonprofit organization that mentors and raises funds to send disadvantaged students to wilderness immersion camps. Its mission is to foster resilient, empowered, adaptable, curious and empathetic students of life. Fox lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with my wife, Tristan, and their dog, Kobe.

Having reliable and powerful equipment

allows me the headspace and energy to push

the boundaries of my art to new extremes.


Daniel Fox

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Close up portraits of wild animals.

Shoot. Experiment. Delete! What kind of photographer do you want to be? Whatever is your preference, once you know, then start photographing. Experiment, try different styles, different exposures, different aesthetics, etc. Try until you find what you feel is your signature, what makes a photograph “your photograph”. There are millions of photographers out there. Hundreds of thousands who do it for the hobby and have the funds to travel the world. So what makes you unique. What is your story? Finally, learn to delete. That is the biggest challenge today. Deleting photos (not moments) does three main things - it forces you to decide on what you like and what you don’t like; it creates value on the photos you keep, and it keeps everything in order, getting rid of the junk and making room for more creativity.