A Guide to Automotive Data Storage – Future Trends, Use Cases and Features


June 16, 2022

10:00 - 10:45 AM PST


Deploying Multi Mission Cloud Workloads to the Tactical Edge Webinar

As workloads and services move to cloud infrastructure, we gain efficiencies of scale by centralizing our services. But, a global force, changing network conditions, real-world events, and evolving threats can necessitate the movement of workloads closer to the edge to enable cloud services outside of existing cloud regions. DISA and the DoD need approaches that intelligently move workloads from central cloud locations to edge computing environments on-demand, to enable secure multi-mission workloads and to facilitate the best user experience. What’s needed is a militarized, ruggedized, high-performance, and secure platform that enables:

  • Rapid deployment of remote data capture, Ai/ML, and analytics at the tactical edge
  • Delivery of cloud services in bandwidth limited and disconnected remote locations
  • Zero Trust and Encrypted Services in transit, in memory, and for data at rest


This 40-minute session will introduce you to how a vertically integrated manufacturer like Western Digital and a secure edge software company like Mainsail Industries have approached these challenges to deliver world-class, purpose built, specialized edge-servers to meet the demanding needs of remote deployments at scale.