What to look for in a WiFi Security Camera?

Security is of prime importance for millions of homeowners across the globe. But, at what cost?

A wifi CCTV camera is so much more than your regular home maintenance and renovation supply purchase.

It is a powerful means to prevent crime and provide a safe environment to live in for you and your loved ones.

Importance of Installing a WiFi CCTV Camera?

The need to install a CCTV camera in your home depends on a few important factors. The most crucial factor to consider out of all these factors is the crime statistics in your neighborhood. While analyzing it, pay special attention to package thefts and home break-ins.

Therefore, it is not enough to just install a ringing video doorbell, and rest assured. To combat potential threats and concerns in your neighborhood area, you need to ensure your home stays protected with the help of a top-notch wifi CCTV camera.

Features to Consider When Purchasing a Wi-Fi CCTV Camera

For an average homeowner, the variety of security cameras available in the market can be quite overwhelming.

To purchase a CCTV camera that suits your home's security requirements, here are the features you must consider!

1. Wireless Technology

It’s of no use getting the clearest pictures in real-time if your camera feed can be hampered by simply cutting a cable. Hence, you want to look for a wifi CCTV camera that will transmit the footage recorded by it wirelessly to other channels with minimal granulation or quality disruption.

Cameras with wireless technology also come with a control system and remote feed. Such cameras can not only be installed at your home but also in your car for an additional security blanket.

2. Smartphone App

Nowadays, most wireless security cameras can be operated using a smartphone app. However, the best security camera for you is the one that has an intuitive and logical app design.

An intuitive app design will not only help you to check the security of your home with just a few swipes but also let you know in the feed when there is an intruder at your property.

With such a swift exchange of information, you can take prompt actions as deemed necessary. Therefore, the Wi-Fi CCTV camera system is much more flexible when compared to the standard ones.

3. Connectivity

Wi-Fi security cameras work just like any other normal Wi-Fi connected device at your home.

A typical Wi-Fi CCTV camera contains a WiFi receiver just like your smartphones and tablets and connects to the internet through the unique service set identifier of your router. Once connected with your local WLAN, the camera then streams videos through an easily accessible cloud-based server.

This is one of the most common types of network connectivity seen in Wi-Fi cameras. It’s thego-to connection for several families.

Nowadays, another wireless connectivity that is becoming increasingly popular is the Peer-to- Peer connectivity. In the P2P connection, you can use your mobile phone to access the camera app. Your security camera then recognises the unique ID of your phone, thereby enabling a local network connection between the two devices.

4. Less Invasive Camera Setup

A major advantage of having a WiFi-equipped camera over your old-school CCTV camera is that it is much less invasive to set it up.

You don’t have to worry about dealing with tangling wires while installing the camera. There’s noneed to drill any holes through your ceilings and walls to set it up.

They aren’t tired down by wires and hence, can be rearranged as per your liking. This can be ofspecial advantage for renters when they want to move homes.

Furthermore, due to the lack of wires, there’s much less chance for burglars to cut down thesecurity system and disrupt the recordings.

5. Camera storage

When buying a security camera for your home, it is important to consider the CCTV camera storage. It is also a major determining factor of the wifi camera price you will be paying.

Ask yourself for how long you will keep the camera running, do you want the camera to record just short clips throughout the day while sending you important notifications, and whether you're willing to opt for local storage solutions.

A wireless CCTV camera is a smarter choice to make because they can wirelessly transfer the recorded footage to safe storage files. This feature also helps retain the quality of imaging shot by the camera and enables you to review the images whenever you feel necessary.

Furthermore, due to the option of integrated cloud storage, there’s no need for you to worryabout your camera footage utilising the space on your computer.

Apart from the ones listed above, other security features you can consider when buying a CCTV camera are - field of view, infra-red night vision, camera design, pan-tilt-zoom feature, facial recognition, emergency features, and camera durability.

Pros of Buying a Wi-Fi CCTV Camera

  1. A wifi security camera can reduce crime incidents such as house break-ins and burglary in your area.
  2. You can travel the world without worrying about your property and your loved ones. A wifi CCTV camera monitors any suspicious activities at your home and helps you take necessary emergency actions while you're away.
  3. Modern wifi security cameras can be placed strategically at a property and help gather evidence against any criminal incidents.
  4. The footage recorded in security cameras can help you to arrive at a fair decision whenever there's any conflict.
  5. It is an excellent tool for conducting regular property inspections and maintaining necessary records.


Surveillance technology has improved by miles in the past few decades. It's now time for you to hop on board and ensure your property stays protected with the help of the best wifi CCTV camera!