6 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Security Systems

Technology in the domain of security systems has developed immensely over the last few years. Over a billion CCTV surveillance cameras have been estimated to be installed all around the globe. With the rise in its usage, artificial intelligence and automation became fundamental blocks when creating and updating security systems. Integrating such technological advances into your own CCTV security system is vital when seeking a stable and customizable network. While your current system might be meeting your security needs on a superficial level, there is a possibility that risks and threats are simply not being detected. But how exactly do you know if your system is outdated? Here are five signs you should update your CCTV surveillance system to a modern, renovated alternative:

1.  Are you still tangled into hardwired systems?

Hardwired systems have become increasingly vulnerable to security breaches as they are easy to disable from their main source of power and communication. Wires and cables are more prone to damage and can disable the entire security system. Additionally, CCTV footage can be cut off from being fed into control systems, hard disks, and other such CCTV storage. A wireless security system, on the other hand, ensures great security as it is constantly connected to either a primary network or a previously installed backup system. Hardwired systems have been rendered obsolete since wireless technology has developed and become more affordable and convenient.

2.  Are you still using Hard Disk Drives (HDD) meant for PCs?

A hard disk drive (HDD) is a very non-volatile and reliable device to store data in. As it is not connected to the internet there is no possibility of it being hacked into, unlike cloud-based systems. However, using HDDs used in Personal Computers (PCs) for surveillance needs will be a disaster. If you are using HDDs meant for PCs, it is time to upgrade. Special surveillance HDDs are perfect for storing extremely sensitive data, as not only all aspects of the storage are in your control, but they are tuned for always write operations that are needed in CCTV networks.

3.  Are you still stuck with low-resolution CCTV?

If the resolution of your camera footage is fuzzy, unclear, or generally of more inferior quality than required to identify details of the person or nameplate of a vehicle with ease, it might be time to make an upgrade. HD cameras have become available at very reasonable prices in the past few years, as technology in the field continues to develop at a rapid pace. Additionally, ensuring that your high-resolution CCTV cameras have sufficient storage is crucial because a higher number of pixels automatically leads to more data storage requirements. Clear footage coupled with the feature of night vision in a surveillance camera is also extremely important since many security infringements occur at night.

4.  Are you still depending on singular panel for control?

A security system that is attached to one control panel is unfavourable when your system needs to be updated and customized. Additionally, a single panel system is easier to hack or disrupt. Installing additional panels allows reserves to exist in your CCTV surveillance system in case there are breaches in security and gives you the option to distribute the energy load of your system to multiple sources if required.

5.  Are you still not patching updates?

Technological updates are an important facet of any security system. The top security software and hardware manufacturers in the market release regular updates to ensure their CCTV services are always efficient and match market requirements. Internet Protocol (IP) based systems allow your system to expand with your needs, and have provisions to attach additional cameras, panels, and other such devices.

6.  Are you still falling short of footage longevity?

Outdated security systems are usually limited to storing data for a few weeks or even days, before being overwritten by the latest footage being fed into the system. Many systems also require you to download the footage manually and feed it into a separate source. The latest CCTV security systems, however, automatically back up and store footage easily as there is a larger built-in memory in the system. Adequate CCTV storage is an important attribute and allows you to access and reference old data at any place and at any time.


Knowing when to upgrade your surveillance system is of paramount importance to reduce risks and threats to your data, assets, and people. Upscaling to a slightly newer security system will also help in the long run financially, as many CCTV companies offer discounted rates for the maintenance of modernized systems, and the risk of the system breaking down reduces significantly. Over time, an older system’s parts also become increasingly rarer and eventually become defunct. With an upgraded CCTV surveillance system in place, you can maximize your protection and ensure your security.